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Is It Possible For My Cat To See Ghosts? This Is What Happens When A Cat Stares At Nothing ...

If you have ever had any experiences with cats you will certainly have arrived at two conclusions, that A) cats are crazy, and that B) ghosts exist, or maybe both. Why do cats sometimes suddenly start…

21 Dogs That Are Convinced That "If I Do Not See Them, They Do Not See Me"!

Probably if a person regrets not being born into a dog's body, it is because his or her life is too troublesome and too complicated. In comparison, the life of a dog is far simpler and often it is characterized…

Here For You Is Gimo, A Cat With The Biggest Eyes You Have Ever Seen!

All of you will remember the scene in the famous Shrek animated film, where Puss in Boots "transforms" himself from a swordsman into a kitten to deceive his enemies. If that image has remained in your…

Watch And Witness The Moment When A Cat Finally Realizes It Is ... A Cat!

This cat's big wide eyes give the impression that it is always in a state of perpetual surprise. However, when it turns toward the mirror, the way it widens its eyes even further produces a hilarious effect…

One Meeting --- And Two Lives Are Saved!

Life is capable of playing some unpleasant tricks, while at other times it gives unexpected gifts. Such is the case of Ember, a mother cat who lost all of her kittens due to a serious illness.  Her owners…

Bee Stings Can Be Deadly To Your Pet! Be Careful!

Whether it is mice, a lizard, or a bee, when a cat enters hunting mode, it is really hard to distract it.  In this gallery, we show you some cats who have hunted bees and wasps and fallen victim to their…

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