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These Kittens Were All Born With Something EXTRA ...

This woman rescued from the streets, an abandoned and pregnant cat who was also suffering from poor health. After taking the cat home, the woman took care of her and nursed her back to good health, right…

Can This Cat Fit Inside This Box?

Besides the intuitive fact that a box helps to satisfy the predatory instincts of a cat by providing it with a hiding place, the reason why cats love to crawl into any available box is not entirely…

Heroic Man Risks Falling To Save A Cat!

A man on his motorbike was just passing by a building by accident but when he realized what was happening, he did not think twice. This courageous man climbed up a ladder placed against the building to…

Why Doesn't This Cat Try To Run Away?!

A couple was out walking when they found a cat sitting in the middle of a dirt road! The cat had frozen whiskers and was not moving at all! As they approached, they realized the reason --- the animal's…
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What Do CATS See In Christmas Ornaments?

In watching this spot, anyone with a cat in the house gets that sense of belonging to the community of cat lovers in a manner that is stronger than ever! In fact, there is a deep understanding and bond…

What Happens If A Bowl Is Too Small?

Pet owners can play some sneaky tricks on their pets and that is when the pets discover that they have to resolve an issue by themselves! In fact, in front of a bowl of milk too small to accommodate their…

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