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Guess Who Nursed This Kitten And Saved Its Life?!

The inhabitants of this residential area in South Carolina (United States) one day began  to hear a dog barking from inside a steep ravine! Immediately, they did what anyone (we hope!) would do! They…
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This Cat Is NOT In A Sharing Mood! :)

Usually, it is said that one should never approach a dog's bowl while it is feeding, but this cat seems to want to make it clear that cats also demand the same respect! While the cat is intent on eating,…

A Cat Threatens To Kick A Door Down! Incredible But True!

This video is (yet another) proof that when cats make up their minds one thing is sure, it is better to please them as soon as possible! That is even more so if your house has doors even vaguely similar…

One Year Of Love And Care Can Do Wonders! :))

This Japanese guy found a kitten alone and injured by the side of a river, and without thinking twice took the kitten home with him despite the obvious problems that the animal had-- then he filmed everything…
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These Kittens Were All Born With Something EXTRA ...

This woman rescued from the streets, an abandoned and pregnant cat who was also suffering from poor health. After taking the cat home, the woman took care of her and nursed her back to good health, right…

Can This Cat Fit Inside This Box?

Besides the intuitive fact that a box helps to satisfy the predatory instincts of a cat by providing it with a hiding place, the reason why cats love to crawl into any available box is not entirely…

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