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30 Photos That You Cannot Look At And Not Smile If You Have A Cat At Home!

The life of a cat owner does not know routine nor does a cat owner need to establish habits! What makes every day different are the cats themselves, that with their endless fantasy, invent every…

This Unusual Pair Of Friends Take Incredible Trips Together And Enchant Us With Their Photos!

It all began when mountain climber Cynthia Bennett and her partner decided to adopt a puppy dog named Henry and take him on the road with them. Henry was only 14 weeks old, but he was already brave enough…
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What Is The Biggest Cat In The World? Discover Some Curiosities About A 24 Lb (11 Kg) Feline ...

Many of us have inseparable friends with whom we share our space and time and they are life companions that no matter what happens, they will never stop coming to sit and snuggle on our laps! Yes, we…

Is It Possible For My Cat To See Ghosts? This Is What Happens When A Cat Stares At Nothing ...

If you have ever had any experiences with cats you will certainly have arrived at two conclusions, that A) cats are crazy, and that B) ghosts exist, or maybe both. Why do cats sometimes suddenly start…

21 Dogs That Are Convinced That "If I Do Not See Them, They Do Not See Me"!

Probably if a person regrets not being born into a dog's body, it is because his or her life is too troublesome and too complicated. In comparison, the life of a dog is far simpler and often it is characterized…
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Here For You Is Gimo, A Cat With The Biggest Eyes You Have Ever Seen!

All of you will remember the scene in the famous Shrek animated film, where Puss in Boots "transforms" himself from a swordsman into a kitten to deceive his enemies. If that image has remained in your…

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