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Freeze Avocados And Consume Them During The Winter!

The avocado is a very versatile fruit, perfect for salads but also to eat alone or when used to prepare wholesome and delicious smoothies. The problem is that avocados become mature very fast, therefore…
DIY Kitchen Tricks

Here Is A Simple Recipe For "Hasselback Chicken" --- Absolutely Irresistible!

"Hasselback Potatoes" is a traditional Swedish baked dish that is prepared by slicing potatoes and placing between the slices a little cheese, bacon,and herbs. The same procedure can be used to prepare…

His Friends Tease Him --- His Father Helps Him In A Wise And Gentle Way!

A father gives his young son, a "judogi" which is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition, despite knowing that his son's true passion is flamenco.…

She Plays The Piano For Passersby --- Here Is Her Engaging Performance!

Increasingly municipal authorities have decided to install in public places pianos that can be used by anyone. From universities to airports and in public parks and squares, the idea of ​​creating…

Passersby Offer To Help A Child Alone --- But What Happens When She Is Dressed Differently?

The invisibility that many people in our society have grown accustomed to has reached incredible levels, and even children are not immune. In this experiment carried out by UNICEF in the streets of…

An Ex-bullfighting Bull Runs Towards A Man --- What Follows Is Beautiful!

The image of an aggressive bull as he rails against men to kill them is a traditional idea distributed and maintained by bullfighters. In reality the bull is not a fighting animal! Quite the contrary,…

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