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A Dog Barks TERRIFIED In The Kitchen: The Reason Why, Will Make You Smile :)

Viewed 53 times
Hearing her dog barking in the kitchen, the woman who filmed the video approached him to see if there were problems: after a few seconds she realised that Stella, her pit bull, was scared of none other than a "threatening" pineapple.

In This Position, A Turtle Is Sentenced To Death ... But NOT This Time !!

Viewed 130 times
This behavior, commonly observed between turtles, shows how much interaction and socializing there is among these animals usually very shy.

Cats Vs Christmas Trees: The Battle Starst Again !

Viewed 791 times
During the Christmas season thousands of families dedicate themselves with patience to put up the decoration, buying and sometimes inventing joyful glittering things. But all their efforts will not go unnoticed: a Christmas tree, with its balls, ribbons and lights, is a temptation TOO strong for a cat. Soon his interest will become an obsession with one goal: to destroy it!

Parents And Children Are Invited To Play A Game, But The Ending Has A Powerful Meaning...

Viewed 198 times
In this video, the French association Noemi invited parents and children to imitate the funny faces that were shown on a screen, with the 2 separated by a panel so not to affect one another. But when, in the end, the screen displays a disabled girl, the reactions are different. Adults look embarrassed and rather speechles; but the children on the other hand, continue the game like nothing had happened, showing that disability should be treated as normal, and that you can laugh and joke without raising barriers.

As Soon As They Start Singing, It Will Be Impossible Not To Listen Till The End. Truly Amazing !

Viewed 1.003 times
"Celtic Woman" is a musical group composed of only women who travel the world with a repertoire that includes songs of the Celtic tradition but also modern pieces. Their interpretation of the Christmas carol "O Holy Night" couldn't be more emotional.

Rescued From Ceratain Death, A Super Cute Puppy Enjoys Bathtime

Viewed 409 times
This puppy was abandoned near the rubbish bins with his two "sisters" only 2 weeks old. Fortunately the Dallas Animal Rescue has took them under their wing, reserving them the attention and care that you can see in this video. It's a pleasure to watch him enjoying his bath especially when you consider that he was destined to a horrible death.

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