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Two Guys -- A Red-haired Girl --- And A Piano!

The shopping mall comes alive thanks to these two men who engage in putting on a show by playing a piano four hands song! The music style they have chosen is the Boogie Woogie and their brisk and energetic…

White Vinegar --- A Potent Natural Weed Killer!

Calling a professional gardener for whatever happens in your garden is economically impossible! That is why today we will show you 10 situations where you do not need to call anyone but just use white…

Fibonacci Spiral Wood Shaving Is A Real ART!

Woodworking is an art that requires patience, precision, and imagination. A person must have a natural ability for both the physical side which requires strength and tenacity to handle large trunks of…

AcroYoga Has An Asana For Every Occasion! :)

AcroYoga is a discipline that combines the ancient wisdom of yoga and Thai massage with the dynamics of acrobatic gymnastics. For this couple who have been practicing AcroYoga for some time, this discipline…
Love Tenders Yoga

38 Fantastic Ideas To Upcycle Plastic Bottles!

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems, this is why those who care about the health of the planet are trying to find ways to upcycle (reuse), recycle or even degrade plastic.  Each of…

A Dog That Was Just Skin And Bones Makes A Miraculous Recovery!

The dog's name is Butterscotch, and when you see this dog's sweet character you will understand why it is the first name that the volunteers at Animal Alliance, an animal welfare group, who rescued him,…

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