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Time-Lapse Hercules Beetle Transformations! Mesmerizing!

The Hercules beetle is one of the largest beetles in the world! In fact, the male can reach up to 18 cm (7 inches) in length although the majority of the body length is occupied by the frontal horn.…

Classical Music Lovers Are Evergreen Just Like Classical Music!

Dorothy Landry was a hundred and one years old when she heard for the first time Ryan Wang playing the piano and was so impressed by this little prodigy's music and talent that she began to follow his…

Two Little Thieves Caught In The Act!

To implement the perfect theft you need passion, skill and a touch of madness! These two sweet but very mischievous criminals have everything you need and certainly a very strong desire to grab a snack…

Four Matches And One Move Makes One Square!? A Magic Trick?!

This is one of those so-called "bar tricks", as is done with readily available material and without too much effort. It is, however, a real brain teaser, for anyone being challenged to solve the puzzle! The…
Funny Magic Tricks

A Stallion Makes A Thrilling Rescue! Check It Out!

The stretch of the Salt River that flows into the Tonto National Forest, Arizona is a wonderful place populated by wild horses, which live undisturbed basking in the sun and cooling off from time to time…

Not Even This Remote Island Can Escape Plastic Litter! Incredible!

Henderson Island is an island of discrete size located in the Pacific Ocean. The island is uninhabited and is visited only once every five to ten years by some scientists also located 5000 km away from…

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