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Look At How You Can Draw A Perfect Circle Freehand !

Viewed 526 times
Everyone has tried to draw a circle freehand butmost probably with poor results: with this easy exercise you'l be able to do what only a few talented people can.

This Dad Wanted To Impress Her Daughter By Making Her This CRAZY Halloween Costume !

Viewed 287 times
Zoey's dad decided to make her an incredibly original halloween costume with 372 LED lights connected to a sound controller, this little gem has been so successful that he now started a real business!!

Do You Like Chips? Here's How To Cook Them At Home In Less Than 5 Minutes !

Viewed 274 times
If you're planning a relaxing evening in front of the tv, why not make it delicious and healthy with homemade potato chips? It will only take you just a few minutes ...

The App That Everyone Would Have Wanted When In School !

Viewed 156 times
Remember when you first started using the calculator? Now, imagine that you have an electronic instrument that not only does calculations, but resolves complicated operations or equations in a few seconds, only with the help of the camera. The app PhotoMath will revolutionize the approach to maths and simplify (or harm, if used in the wrong way) the lives of hundreds of students.

This Is What Happens When A Father Dedicates A Lot Of Time To His Son !

Viewed 980 times
This super child has surprising abilities: when the father asks him to give him a specific peace of paper by reading the word on it, the baby finds it with no hesitation and even repeating the same word. His ability to 'read' 'the words by recognizing their appearance is presumably the result of much time spent playing and practicing with his father.

It May Look Like A Normal Coffee Table But It Hides A Brilliant Feature!

Viewed 1.521 times
In the growing overcrowding of cities is not always easy to have plenty of space and it is important to be able to optimize it. Duffy London, a London-based design company, has specialized in the design of furniture pieces which create space where there is none!

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