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A Late 18th-century Machine Produces Totally Unexpected "music".....

Hearing the sound that comes out of this box could lead you to believe that your garden is populated with enthusiastic songbirds but it is actually a mechanical device invented a long time ago. These…

Two Talented Artists With Amazing Music And Body Movement!

What these two eccentric guys manage to create is pure magic! They transform the subway platforms into club and disco dance floors with their electronic music that is performed in a completely different…

After Only A Few Seconds The Judges Are On Their Feet!

On the TV talent show "America's Got Talent" two men come on stage presenting themselves in the company of their trained dogs: so far nothing out of the ordinary, if not for the fact that one of the men…

He Turns On A Leaf Blower And Gets An Unbelievable Reaction!

There are locations around the world where spotting deer near or in your own the garden is something quite normal, yet even in those places usually these animals tend to maintain their rather diffident character.…

She Had Never Set Foot In A Bowling Alley Before ... WoW!

At 84 years of age, she had never set foot in a bowling alley but that did not hold her back! First, they explained to her how to hold the bowling ball and then they let her throw the bowl without offering…

Artwork With Astonishing Detail --- See This Bear's Fur!

A finished work of art does not reveal the number of hours that were employed to complete it or all the different stages that were required to achieve the final result. Thus, what in the end appears to…

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