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You Won't Believe How Many Accidents Happen Under This Bridge!

Viewed 155 times
Despite the signs and light signals, this bridge in Durham (England) is the causes an amazing series of accidents, so many to make a compilation.

2 Dogs And The Funniest Tug Of War I've Ever Seen !

Viewed 291 times
These 2 dogs are up against each other in a friendly and very funny tug of war.

Would You Kiss Someone For Charity? The Prank With An Hilarious Ending!

Viewed 553 times
This prank by "Just for Laughs" seems to be very pleasant at the beginning for the victims until someone comes along to test their open-mindedness. An example of how you can play with humor and simplicity on stereotypes and taboos of our society.

This Lady Has Found The Best Recipe For Keeping Young!

Viewed 445 times
When this nice grandmother is in the kitchen, she doesn't just prepare lunch: she entertains the whole family with a wave of good humor, which is good for the soul but it is certainly very useful to the body! What can I say, everyone should follow her "recipe"!

Imagine Walking Down The Street And Seeing Someone Washing His Dog In This Way!

Viewed 497 times
With its huge sizw, as you can see from the video, the Great Dane holds the record for tallest dog in the world. Despite its size, however, it's an incredibly docile animal: in this case, not being able to fit in the bath, he enjoys a shower in the street.

This Young Little Girl Was Having A Bad Day, So The Nurses Found A Great Way To Cheer Her Up

Viewed 351 times
The departments of a hospital are not usually particularly joyous, so it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to raise the morale of the patients. In this case, the young girl was having a bad day so the nurses organised a game-dance that changed her day!

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