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For Rocky, The Orangutan, This Was No Monkeyshine!

A terrible fire disfigured Darci's face and part of her body. During a visit to a zoo park, she met an orangutang, named Rocky, who after having observed her carefully pointed insistently to the bandages…

Learn How To Make Homemade Chocolate Nougat!

After listening to countless warnings about the quality of packaged foods sold in supermarkets, many people have realized that the only solution is self-production --- to make it yourself! There is a…

A Spirit That Would Not Give Up!

This pit bull puppy was found huddled on a sidewalk in Los Angeles at the end of a very hot summer season. She was very thin, although close to her there was a bowl full of food that someone had brought…

Clever Uses For Paper Clamps! Check It Out!

Paper clamps are among the most stocked office items and thanks to their versatility, paper clamps can also be useful in so many other situations. Not only can they be used to save space and help eliminate…

Learn How To Make A Tasty And Traditional Spanish Dessert!

There are recipes for fried milk in several countries. There are traces of this recipe in southern Italy and Liguria (northwest Italy), but what we present today is the traditional Spanish version. Its…

Discover TEN Things About Your Body You Might Not Know!

Each of us is very different from the other, but some responses to external factors are the same for everyone. Have you ever wondered why some phenomena manifest themselves on your body? Why do you yawn,…

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