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See Greyson Chance Singing "Paparazzi"!

Every school at the end of the school year organizes a show of some sort to acknowledge scholastic endeavor and to salute those who have finished their course of study. However, it is not often, that…

Discover 7 Ingenious Ways To Use Hairspray!

Hairspray is not a product for women only, and it is not just used to manage hair! Having hairspray on hand at home means you can use it in many other different ways that we will illustrate today. …

Piano Keyboard Dancing Is Very Entertaining!

In addition to a pianist playing without hands, some people manage to do the same with their feet . . . more or less!  This pair of Italian artists does it their way! Using a giant keyboard they play…

See A Lighthouse Stand Up To A TYPHOON!

If you have thought about trying to film the biggest waves ever seen, perhaps tracking a typhoon is the right thing to do (keep a safe distance, though!).  This video maker has, in fact, captured the…

A Fantastic Chocolate Christmas Ball Surprise!

Do you have in mind to outdo yourself in the kitchen this Christmas? If you cannot resist the idea of preparing something that will leave your guests open-mouthed, well here is just what you need  ---…

See A "mystery Car Dent" Explained!

Going to retrieve our car in the morning and finding it damaged is something that can make us feel very upset! However, thanks to the images captured by a video camera in the area, the owner of this car…

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