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With A Dual Costume And Music --- This 14-year-old's Performance Is Unforgettable!

During the semi-finals at the 2015 Youth America Grand Prix competition, the young Annika Verplancke distinguished herself from the other competitors not only for talent but also for the originality…

Thousands Of Swaying Filaments --- Enjoy The Wonderful 360° Video!

In this 360° video (just click or put your finger on the screen to move in and around Pershing Square) you can admire the art installation called the "Liquid Shard", made up of thousands of silvery holographic…

No Place For A Garage? --- Here Is A Very Clever Solution!

We all have an issue that unites us: parking space! Finding a place to park your car almost always seems to be impossible and the final solution is either you get a lucky break or you take a risk and…

Can A Rolls Royce Hood Ornament Be Stolen? -- See What Happens!

The "Spirit of Ecstasy" is the name of the famous ornament found on the hood of the luxurious Rolls Royce cars. This ornament is in the form of a dynamic female figure, who has both of her arms stretched…

Cut Out The Jeans Pockets --- And Create Something For Expectant Mothers!

Pregnancy is a magical time that women have the opportunity to experience; it is full of discoveries and joys but it also has its share of difficulties. A woman's body changes every day and she has to…
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He Throws Pieces Of Meat In A River --- The Piranha Fish Attack Is Like A Horror Movie!

Although it is not a large-sized fish, the bad reputation of the piranha fish has origins founded in truth! Just take a look this video made during the feeding time for this school of carnivorous fish.…

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