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Remember The Kid That Smoked 40 Cigarettes A Day?

Since the web and social networks have allowed stories to circulate freely from all over the globe, we have become used to hearing all kinds ... Sometimes they have surprised positively but sometimes,…

A Paradise For Surfers -- Inland?! YES!

For a surfer riding the crest of the perfect wave, is one of the greatest satisfactions of life! Of course, it is not always possible to find the right weather conditions or have the sea just a few…

Savory Meatballs Made With NO MEAT!

Meatballs in tomato sauce are a classic in the Italian culinary tradition, whose funny shape is particularly attractive to small children. However, if you do not want to overdo it with the consumption…

Milk Cows Liberated After Six Months!

There are people in the world who are convinced that animals in general, and particularly those raised on farms, are unable to feel emotions. Well, this video just like many other videos we have published…

These Two House Painters Are "high" Level Professionals!

Construction work is very often one of the most tiring and physically demanding jobs, for this reason, a little inventiveness should never be lacking! In fact, these two house painters have found a method…
Cute Funny Jobs

Find Out Why This Doberman "attacked" This Little Girl ...

Khan is the name of the Doberman that the Svilicic family adopted from a dog pound! After just four days of living in its new home, the puppy had already forged a wonderful relationship with their youngest…

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