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It May Just Seem A Shampoo Ad... But As Soon As The Train Arrives A Very Important Message Is Delivered !

Viewed 171 times
This amazing fundraising campaign by the Swedish cancer research, really leaves you speechless. Inspired by a shampoo ad, they created their own version: at first people look amused, but then are placed in front of reality. A really powerful campaign.

What This Girl Knits With Just Her Hands Is AWESOME !

Viewed 183 times
If you love warm scarves why not try to create one yourself ? No need for special tools: only some yarn, a little 'practice, and your hands. A good idea for the winter, and maybe, also a nice gift idea.

Who's Behind This Sweet Little Bear Costume?

Viewed 98 times
If you get the right size teddy bear and cut the face, feet and back out, you can create a nice costume for your dog. At first glance, the shih-tzu in the video doesn't seem to enjoy it much and not sure he'll wear it again !!

Here's How To Draw Your Hand In 3D: AMAZING !

Viewed 945 times
Sometimes with a few tricks and a bit 'of exercise you can achieve amazing results. Remember when you used to draw you hand on some paper? Well, times change, now you can do it in 3D!

This Man Takes His Car Out Of The Garage But A Few Seconds Later It's HELL !!

Viewed 751 times
From we can see in the video, it's clearly not a good time for a ride in the car in Bashkortostan (Russia). As soon as the driver pulls the car out of the garage, a powerfull tornado starts, destroying the garage itself!

This Cute Bulldog Sounds Like A Diesel Engine !!

Viewed 519 times
When this 3 year old bulldog is tired, he suddenly begins to breathe in this way, sounding more like diesel engine than a dog !

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