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She Enters The Arena With Her Beautiful Horse: When She Takes Off Her Coat, They're All Speechless

The 23 year-old Laura Sumrall prepares a performance with incredible effects for the 2015 Kentucky Reining Cup. The performance, inspired by Disney's Frozen and accompanied by the notes of the song "Let…

A T-shirt, A Tattoo And A Thrilling Voice: He's A Young Italian Tenor And Half Of The World Is In Love With Him !

The video posted by the Orchestre de Paris, where Paolo Fanale performs the Stabat Mater by Rossini, has aroused great approval both for his vocal talent and his looks. It's not often in fact that to…

This Boy Would Like To Drive The Car, But Keep An Eye On His Dog ...

If you think dogs can't drive, you'll change your mind after this. Maybe the little Daisy fails to reach the pedals, but she knows where to go. The mother of this child explains the situation: she controls…

She Recently Lost Her Mother, And Dedicates Her This Song: Her Voice Makes The Entire Studio Cry !

When Keira Weather gets on the stage of X Factor she's obviously happy and satisfied, but something ruined her moment: having lost her mother, the young singer can't share this with her. The choice of…

Daddy Pretends To Have Superpowers ... The Reaction His Daughter Is Amazing !

When raising a child there are numerous issues that need to be solve every day ... so counting on a bit of creativity never hurts. In fact, if usually the mother has a daily educating role, dads often…

They Start Eating A Blade Of Grass, But What Happens After A Few Seconds Is HILARIOUS

Who you see in the video are Gracie and Suzie, and are two sisters with docile but determined caracter. The two little guinea pigs are in fact probably lovely at any time of the day, but when it comes…

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