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5 suggestions on how to deal with a mother-in-law who's too invasive

Mothers-in-law get a bad wrap. Perhaps it's because they have the tendency to tell their daughters-in-law that no one is perfect enough for their sons. Before marriage, they probably tried to arrange…

8 effective strategies that could help you fight off manipulative people

Are you good at reading when someone is trying to manipulate you? Sometimes, a manipulator can be way more subtle than what you think. It takes just the slightest insult or condescending remark to create…

3 signs that can help us realize that we have finally found our soul mate

We see them for the first time, our eyes stare at theirs intensely for a few seconds, we cannot stop looking at them; something in us understands that the person we just met fleetingly could be the partner…

10 signs that your relationship may have reached a dead end

When a long-term relationship or marriage isn't working anymore, you notice that small insignificant things can even cause big problems. A word not said, a dirty look, a sudden change in mood or attitude:…

If you don't hear from someone, it's probably not because they are busy; they probably just don't care about you that much

When we make strong connections with people, we go through phases where we are always in touch with that person while other times we hardly hear from them. When a close friend or significant other distances…

Fresh cheese you can make at home, and it takes only 3 ingredients to prepare

Fresh, tasty and full of flavor: who doesn't like the taste of fresh cheese? Many of us obviously buy it at the supermarket or perhaps at our local cheese shop, but what if we said you could make cheese…

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