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Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) and everything you need to know to keep it under control

This classic stomach disorder, GERD aka acid reflux is a disorder that is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly widespread and is now practically endemic to modern society. Today's lifestyles and diets…

Vinegar is a precious ally for the well-being of our feet and here are all the ways to use it!

An ingredient widely used at home, both in the kitchen and as a natural product to clean and deodorize dishes and surfaces, white wine vinegar also has numerous other little-known qualities and uses.…

This ancient Chinese technique lowers blood pressure in 5 minutes without resorting to medication!

Blood pressure varies according to gender and age, however, in adult individuals, blood pressure is considered to be optimal if the maximum or systolic is between 120/80 mmHg, and the minimum or diastolic…

Cracked heels? Here is what you can do to get rid of this annoying and unsightly condition

Our feet have the daunting task of carrying and supporting us every day! In fact, they support us in all our daily actions and, precisely for this reason, we should treat our feet with proper respect…

Herpes Zoster aka "St. Anthony's fire" is activated by stress. Here are the causes and symptoms of this painful skin rash.

Stress often acts as a powerful activator of the most varied pathologies. But is it possible that it always depends on stress? Not everything, certainly, but extreme physical and psychological exhaustion…

Here are the signs that indicate that you are surrounded by negative energy and here is how to eliminate it!

Long ago, people used to turn to their grandmothers to get rid of the "evil eye" --- that so-called nefarious cloud of negative energy that hovered over people and took possession of their lives. In…

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