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Children discover their shadow for the first time

A brand new discovery: the shadow. And each kid has his own reaction, not to be missed!

Adorable baby says goodbye to her horse in the cutest way ever!

The love that this little girls has for animals is amazing at this early age, in fact, when her mother tells her to say goodbye to her horse, she spontaneously gives him the cutest kiss I've ever seen.

Best hug by this cute kitten !

Franzie the cat definitely wants a hug! And not being able to ask for it he uses a meaningful movement to communicate...very cute!
Animals Cats Tenders

An adorable pig gets pampered

Have you ever seen anything like this? Small pigs are really cute and tender
Animals Pigs Tenders

2 month old baby says "I love you"

This young girl really shows great determination: she wants to answer her dad, but at just two months is not so simple; so she concentrates and after a few failed attempts she pronounces three words that…

Twin babies talking, incredible !

These little brothers seems to manage to communicate even if they do it in a language totally incomprehensible.

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