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Twin babies talking, incredible !

These little brothers seems to manage to communicate even if they do it in a language totally incomprehensible.

2 month old baby says "I love you"

This young girl really shows great determination: she wants to answer her dad, but at just two months is not so simple; so she concentrates and after a few failed attempts she pronounces three words that…

Mother whale lifts her calf out of the water for a closer enconter!

Along the Mexican coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, precisely at San Ignacio Lagoon, gray whales hold often back to take advantage of the calm and warm waters and to give birth. So, while it is prohibited…

Cute cats demand attention !!

When a cat decides it's time for cuddles.. It's time for cuddles . In this compilation cute cats demant attention in a really nice and polite way, and it always works.
Animals Cats Tenders

Robin Williams and the most fascinating meeting he's ever had

The gorilla Koko is famous for his knowledge of sign language, which is able to distinguish up to 1000 different words, and actor Robin Williams is given the opportunity to meet him. Having previously…

Best hug by this cute kitten !

Franzie the cat definitely wants a hug! And not being able to ask for it he uses a meaningful movement to communicate...very cute!
Animals Cats Tenders

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