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He builds a comfortable "bicycle bed" for his dog: the animal's expression repays his effort

There are people who would really do anything for their four-legged friends. The mutual affection that a human being and a dog can feel is a unique and special feeling, made of trust, unconditional love,…

A 3-day-old mini-horse who can't stop chasing its human friend in a paddock

We often tell stories of friendships made between men, dogs or cats. Yet these common pets are not the only ones to have the "exclusive" sweetness and affection that can arise between animals and us human…

8 litte hedgehogs are orphaned and refuse to eat, but then a cat starts to take care of them

In all circumstances, even the most adverse, it seems that Nature knows very well how to carry on. When 8 small hedgehogs suddenly lost their mother due to an accident, the hoglets found themselves alone…

A dog goes to a kennel every day and after she's done playing, she finds the softest dog in the kennel and cuddles with them

Edna is a sweet little dog that has been going to the same kennel ever since she was a puppy. Her daily routine really hasn't changed that much since she started going there either. She usually plays…

This stray kitty has a black cat-like birthmark on its muzzle that has made it a true web celebrity

Sometimes, around us, we see totally unexpected sights that manage to amaze us even if, in life, we think we have seen a lot. With the advent and diffusion of the internet and social networks, moreover,…

This cute pup smiles every anytime someone talks to him or showers him with compliments

Life is not a bed of roses for dogs who have to live in animal shelters. Most were either abandoned as puppies, found injured and alone, or rescued from poor living conditions. What they all probably…

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