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While praying at the cemetery for her deceased son, this woman was visited by a robin

What you will see in the video may seem like a small bird like many other birds, but for this heartbroken mother, its appearance represented something unexpected and beautiful. Since her young son Jack…

Sleeping Beauty gets a wake-up call from the cops!

Savannah is an American girl whose video has been shared all over the social networks because she fell asleep in her car and nothing seemed to be able to wake her! Her mother was locked out of the car…

One family's heartfelt message to bullies ...

Reading obituaries is usually something that is only done by the relatives and friends of the person who has passed away. In fact, this obituary was written by a family who has said goodbye forever to…

By asking her to draw a watch, a doctor was able to diagnose this girl with a rare autoimmune disease

At the age of twenty-four, Susannah Cahalan was at the beginning of a promising career as a journalist for the New York Post and had recently started a happy loving relationship. From one day one to the…

Do found pennies come from heaven?

There are those who every year put money into their piggy bank to go on holiday and those who instead collect pennies to stay in touch with their spirituality. So it was that more than forty-five years…

A couple decides to create their own interracial family!

Adopting orphaned children, perhaps those born in distant countries is something that more and more people are taking into consideration. Deciding to bring children born from frozen embryos into the world,…

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