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Medical marijuana is miraculous!

We have already demonstrated the effects of marijuana on a person suffering from Parkinson's disease. In the previous video, it could be clearly seen that after only a few minutes the characteristic…

Recovering a recording of his late wife's voicemail was a miracle!

Stan Beaton became a widower following his wife's death in 2003 due to stomach cancer. In a short amount of time, he had lost everything in their life together! He had lost her presence at home, her affection,…

Jadav Payeng "The Forest Man of India"--- A truly inspirational person!

Everybody calls him "The Forest Man of India", not because he lives in a forest, but because he created one! His name is Jadav Payeng, and he hails from a small village in India, on the banks of the Brahmaputra…

He bought a Rolex in 1960 for $120 USD and years later he took it to an expert that valued it at $75,000 USD

When someone with more experience than us gives us dispassionate advice, it is good to have the foresight to follow it because certainly, some benefit will come of it. For this American veteran, for example,…
History Stories War

Clean the World --- and change history!

One of the biggest problems of the times in which we live is the waste of food and other materials. Often we do not even realize how much waste we create and that a lot of it could be eliminated, if only…

The Evolve (EMMA) annual retreat this year? In the Maldives!

If there was a prize for "the luckiest employee of the year" it would probably have been won by the entire staff at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (EMMA) because of the director and founder of Evolve MMA,…

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