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A young dad decides to have his son's portrait tattooed on his left cheek: an extreme gesture of love

There are many ways to show your love and respect for an important person. Have you ever thought that a tattoo could be the way? In reality, it is not so unusual to tattoo the name of an important person,…

A 51-year-old mom gives birth to her granddaughter, acting as surrogate mother for her daughter with infertility problems

This is the story of Breanna and Aaron Lockwood, an American couple who for years have tried every way, every shortcut, pursued various treatments and therapies for infertility, failed embryo transfers…

A kitten who won't stop thanking the girl who rescued him from a shelter just before he was put to sleep

Dogs and cats seem to understand languages and situations much better than we imagine at times, and often it seems to be only the lack of language that differentiates them from us. When Adelle, a volunteer…

They tried to have children for 8 years and in the end a "miracle" happened: she gave birth to quadruplets

Many couples want to experience the joy of becoming parents, but this strong desire does not always come to fruition. It is not uncommon, in fact, for a young couple to try to conceive for many years,…

A 76-year-old man feeds stray kittens in his neighborhood by selling scrap metal all day

When we meet living creatures who are in difficulty and urgently need help, we know that we cannot wait a minute longer, we must act and do something for them. Like Willie Ortiz, a Connecticut man who…

He turns 80 and as a gift he receives the car he had always dreamed of: he can't hold back the tears

Sometimes, a lifetime isn't enough to make your dreams come true; it is not enough to work, to toil for years to live a decent life, to create a family, to make sure that they are fed and that they don't…

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