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Lionel Messi helped build Europe's largest pediatric oncology center; a humanitarian gesture to support those most in need

The greatness of a man like Lionel Messi is measured not only on the soccer field, in his success as an athlete, but above all outside of sports. Recently, the Barcelona forward was the protagonist of…

A woman suffering from leukemia gives birth to twins and a few days before giving birth she receives news that gives her hope!

Expecting a baby is an experience that one can only attempt to describe in words. Feeling a new being growing inside you, talking to "him" or "her" as if the baby were already in the world, praying every…

They take turns sitting on a giant turtle to take photos and the images generate a wave of indignation

The number one enemy of the animals that live on our planet Earth is the human species. Without wasting too many words, we must admit that we are the ones most responsible for the extinction of many species…

Nail biting can be very dangerous and the sad story of this man shows us why

Nail biting is undoubtedly one of the most common bad habits in the world, especially among young people. Those who bite their nails are usually people who are nervous and apprehensive, with consequences…

They go to a DIY store to build a walker for their son and the sales clerks tell them "Come back in an hour"

Logan Moore is a two-year-old boy suffering from muscular hypotonia, a clinical condition that is often associated with diseases that affect the nervous and muscular system, consequently, causing a reduction…

This 16-year-old boy does not let his 71-year-old wife leave home alone for fear that other men might try to take her away

It is not uncommon to hear of couples with a fairly large age difference. And, if it has always been normal for a man to have a much younger companion, in the last few years the same is also true for…

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