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Tired mom falls asleep on the train: her child puts his hands under her head to act as a pillow

Parents often feel compelled to hide how they are really feeling in front of their children: they pretend to be indestructible, tireless, never losers and always serene. But we all know that this is not…

A carpenter saves money all his life: thanks to his sacrifices 33 young people could enroll in college

Sometimes it is from the humblest and most simple people that the greatest gestures of humanity and altruism are born, those that few are able to put into practice even over a whole a lifetime. Dale Schroeder…

He is disabled and she is not: they marry against all prejudice, proving that love can overcome any obstacle

Love is such a powerful feeling that it can overcome any obstacle and break down any barrier. Shane Burcaw, 27, and Hannah Aylward, 24, know this all too well. Shane suffers from spinal muscular atrophy…

An old man dies of a broken heart shortly after his faithful dog passed away due to illness

The bond that can be created between a human being and his pet can be so strong that the death of one of them can have truly tragic consequences for the other. When four-legged friend and owner are inseparable,…

She abandoned her 88 year old mother outside: the woman is reported for mistreatment

No human being should be deprived of their own well-being and freedom in any way. Yet the world is full of injustices. The elderly are just some of the "favorite" targets of certain heartless characters,…

A little girl bursts into tears when she sees that all her classmates are there on the day of her adoption

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure. A saying that hides a great truth, because in fact, even through the most complicated adversities of our life or when we feel particularly alone, we know that…

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