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Coronavirus: a boy leaves toilet paper and disinfectant outside the door for couriers to use

In the days of the Coronavirus pandemic, when authorities all over the world issued travel bans and restrictions, everything, even the most obvious, seems different and difficult to deal with. From the…

Coronavirus: 95-year-old woman recovers from the Covid-19 without antiviral therapy

Despite Italy being right at the top of the list of countries hit the hardest by the Coronavirus outbreak, it has received a little bit of good news this week. A 95-year-old woman, who was hospitalized…

16-year-old girl dies from the Coronavirus: "She was barely even coughing."

It appears as though the Coronavirus isn't just claiming the lives of the elderly and sick as first presumed. France just had their first 16-year-old victim, who apparently had only been experiencing…

He can't celebrate 101 years because of Coronavirus: so he asks friends from social networks to give him 101 "congratulations"

Forced social distancing in the time of the Coronavirus also implies not being able to hang out with our friends, going to visit our dearest relatives, in short, staying within one's own home walls in…

Wynn, the tender therapy labrador who comforts doctors and nurses struggling with Covid-19

The Coronavirus emergency generates a lot of stress among the healthcare staff who are at the forefront every day in fighting and curbing the spread of the Covid-19 infection, treating the most serious…

A boy licks the toilet in a public bathroom to "challenge" the Coronavirus: he is now hospitalized

A British boy, a real web influencer, reached hundreds of thousands of views on the social platform TikTok (very popular among teenagers) when he published a short video in which he literally licked the…

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