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A boy dies after spending whole days playing video games: his father warns peers

A father should never witness the death of a child, yet sometimes life is truly mocking and sadly ironic, even if there is nothing to laugh about. Stanley Greening, a man from Bedfordshire, Great Britain,…

A single gay man has adopted a little girl who had lived alone in hospital for a year

Pablo Fracchia is one of those people to admire who has dedicated his whole life to helping others, especially the most unfortunate. The 36-year-old man has always been involved in various humanitarian…

2-year-old almost dies of secondary drowning hours after inhaling pool water

Summer has arrived and, with it, comes a lot of dangerous situations, especially involving small children. The Sun is out, the weather is almost too hot to handle, and so everyone has one thing on their…

A man jumps into boiling water to save his dog: neither make it out alive

The love some humans have for their animals is infinite. This means that they will go to whatever length to save their furry animal friends. This is especially true for Pablo Manuel Fustec, who was a…

From panhandler to model: how one photograph changed this girl's life

Sometimes luck has a way of arriving in the nick of time. As unpredictable as destiny and fate are, it doesn't mean we can't hope for a better future for ourselves. Chances are, our luck could change…

An old woman builds a "zoo" in her yard to make all the passersby smile

In times of medical emergency, many people thought it a good idea to take the opportunity to do good for others (and ultimately also for themselves) with kind and exemplary action. Despite the difficulties,…

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