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After 10 sons, this mother has finally given birth to a baby girl and now the family is complete

Everyone decides to build and conduct their own lives as they see fit. There are those who stick to a precise plan and try not to stray too far from it, and those who just let themselves be carried away…

This priest saves dogs from the street and takes them with him to Mass to find them an adoptive family

Dogs also go to church. It would seem like the beginning of a funny joke! But no, instead, it is the truth! In fact, now in a small town in Brazil, all those four-legged angels who have not yet found…

A twelve-year-old boy lost his life because his school had confiscated his asthma inhaler

Dealing with the loss of a child has to a harrowing experience for any parent, but when their death is due to futile and avoidable reasons, then to utter desperation, we must also add indescribable anger!…

A man wants to adopt a pit bull from an animal shelter but the dog refuses to abandon his best friend

Being friends does not just mean having fun together, but also - and above all - supporting each other when times are difficult. When facing life's challenges, we understand the difference between having…

A father who has Down syndrome is like all fathers who want the best for their children. This young man's story proves it.

Despite the fact, that times have changed and we try to communicate diversity as a resource rather than a limit or a handicap, there are contexts that still raise doubts and misunderstandings. One of…

Every day this dog buys a cookie at the campus snack bar and pays with a leaf

There are dogs that show such insight and intuition that we cannot remain indifferent to some small but incredible events that involve them. In fact, some dogs are so intelligent that we often say that…

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