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15 women who have chosen a style of makeup that is a complete disaster

You start to wear makeup for fun and you end up wearing it for necessity or by choice. In fact, there are women who choose to maintain a natural no-makeup look, while there are others who are delighted…
Absurd Make Up Women

Some uses of the famous Nivea cream that can come in handy in everyday situations

Maybe it is one of those products that we seem to have always had before our eyes, and almost surely each of us has underestimated its uses. Basically, it is a cream used to moisturize dry skin deep down,…

A makeup artist decides to use her skills on her elderly grandmother and transforms her into a beautiful middle-aged diva

Together with cooking, the act of applying makeup is one of those daily activities that the new mass media have transformed into a spectacular show.  On the Internet as on TV, it is more and more…

A granddaughter who is a makeup artist gives her grandmother a beautiful makeover for her 71st birthday

Kristý Puková is a professional makeup artist who for her seventy-year-old grandmother's birthday, decided to dedicate the day to her and to completely change her look!  To give this nice woman a…

The images of these women before and after makeup show us all the power of cosmetics

Few women are more obsessed with makeup than Oriental women, especially the Japanese and South Korean women. The cosmetic market in Asia is ever changing and constantly booming, and often also dictates…

Throwing away banana peels? Stop! Here are 10 unexpected uses that will convince you not to do it anymore!

Do you know how many ways people use a banana peel? None!? In fact, it is always thrown into the trash, at most in the differentiated organic bin. A banana peel, however, before being disposed of,…

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