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Famous paintings become ... Eyeshadow makeup!

Are you planning an evening of fun with friends and want to surprise everyone with a trick that is out of the ordinary? Here's the latest fad involving make-up! Make-up artists have come up with the idea…

Some uses of the famous Nivea cream that can come in handy in everyday situations

Maybe it is one of those products that we seem to have always had before our eyes, and almost surely each of us has underestimated its uses. Basically, it is a cream used to moisturize dry skin deep down,…

Another Makeover story with a very happy ending!

Many women claim to be no longer beautiful the way they were when they were younger. Certainly, their appearance is very different but real beauty does not disappear like a fading rose.  Beauty remains,…

Spooky Hollow Body Illusion! Wow!

The world of makeup is not just the one that aims to make us look more beautiful and with a face that has no imperfections. In fact, the world of makeup attracts many people who prefer to play with their…

She puts a mesh weaving cap on her face and shows us a totally unexpected trick ... Wow!

Seeing a person wearing a mesh weaving cap on their face certainly does not make a good first impression, but wait! In this video, we will show you a really interesting use for mesh weaving caps, and…

See what cosmetics and makeup can do! WoW!

How many girls, while looking at the models that glide down the fashion walkways and those who pose in photo shoots for publicity and advertising have said, "I will never be as beautiful!"  In addition…

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