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17 images show us what a talented make-up artist can do

Goar Avetysan was born in 1993 in Armenia. Today this young woamn is a successful make-up artist, as well as a real master of the art. Her talent and passion have earned her over 9 million followers on…

15 people who have gone a little too far with make-up and created real masterpieces of horror

All of us, at least once in our lives, have tried various makeup or make-over experiments to improve our appearance, to attend a party or ceremony, or just to have fun and experience new things. Many…

18 women who revolutionized their looks thanks to the skill of a famous make-up artist

It is undeniable that a little make-up, especially in the early morning, helps us to feel a little better about ourselves. Dark circles, facial imperfections and messed up hair can greatly undermine a…

A makeup magician manages to transform his clients into completely different people

Facial makeup is also a contemporary art form that should be recognized as such. There are so many professionals in the world who have specialized in makeup art that on the faces of women and men they…

20 women who felt they needed a change and revolutionized their look

No one is perfect, but often each of us tries to strive for perfection in some way. Women all over the world are always trying to look beautiful and elegant in every moment of their lives, wearing the…

Thanks to his skills as a makeup artist, he manages to transform every woman into a "perfect" bride.

Marriage is for many an important goal, which seals a dream of love and which, therefore, is always expected to be "perfect". Every bride rightly wants to look beautiful and elegant on her wedding day…

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