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Dad, did you understand everything?

Some people believe that children have the ability to speak their own language.

She cut in half an old sock. The final creation? Amazing !!!

Do you have single socks, like it often happens? Don't throw them away, follow these step by step instructions to create a soft and cheap roommate. Once you understand the process, free your imagination…
Curious Cute DIY Useful

Dear Kitten: a welcome letter from an older and wiser cat

This funny commercial ad by friskies shows an older cat "reading" a welcome letter to a new kitten. Secrets are shared and important advises are given to hide from enemies!!! Don't miss it !
Cats Cute Spot

Biker you won't pass!

The misadventure of a motorcyclist who on his way meets a particular obstacle...
Animals Cute Funny Wtf

Crazy farmer bundles himself

A naked farmer goes through the hay baler...

You'll hardly believe that these animals are not real !

Nicolas Deveaux is a writer and director of animated films. At the moment he is part of the French company Cube Creative team, with whom he has created this amazing promo for a French channel, France…

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