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"It's too quiet, what are they up to?": 18 children who have tested their parents' patience

Children are a parent's greatest joy, but also a limitless source of worry. Have you ever perceived that strange silence in the house, despite your 3 or 4 year old son wandering freely somewhere? It…

Her son asks for her Wi-Fi password, but she makes him clean the room first

How many times has a parent faced the problem of making their child tidy their room? Probably an infinite number of times: screams and reproaches often have no effect, although they are the option adopted…

19 people who only had one job to do, but still managed to get it completely wrong

There are mornings when we just get off on the wrong foot, which might lead to us making some mistakes. On the other hand, we are human and making mistakes is part of our nature. But when the error begins…

17 hilarious photos of people who probably had a worse day than you

When your day starts off on the wrong foot, it almost seems like there's nothing in our power to reverse the trend. How many of you have had a "bad" day? Everyone in life knows that feeling. It seems…
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17 people who didn't want a pet in the house and now treat it like a family member

There are certain things that people won't compromise on and one of them is having pets in the house: dad, mom, boyfriend or girlfriend may refuse to have a hairy being around and the excuses are "I don't…

19 people who were photographed just moments before being involved in an entertaining disaster

A good photographer is one who manages to capture the right moment to immortalize an emotion, a scene, an impression that can last forever. In short, you have to be in the right place, at the right time.…
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