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No need for traffic lights in Ethiopia

Meskel Square, the largest square in the center of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, it is usually the area used for celebrations or festivals. Normally though, it is a very busy square crossed every day by thousands…
Cars Curious Wtf

Ken Block: when perfection travels on four wheels

For those who still don't know him, he is an extraordinary pilot, Ken Block. In this video he shows us his undoubted talent in the streets of San Francisco
Cars Drift Motors Rally Spectacular

World record for distance jump with a car

The longest jump ever made with a car ... Very impressive!
Cars Jumps Motors Record

Traveling with his head out the sunroof: the dog's face is hilarious

It's known that dogs don't like to travel by car and seize every opportunity to put their head outside and breathe fresh air. In this case, however, the journey of the dog with its head out of the roof…
Cars Dogs Funny

How to get a girl in a Lamborghini without talking !

The magnetic effect of a Lamborghini is legendary: it's really hard to resist the charm of this car, when in fact this guy proposes to some girls to join him, they happily accept without him having to…
Cars Curious Women Wtf

Blocking traffic for hours

In Cardito (NA), a man blocks the road and not allows anyone to help him; in the meantime arrive a group of motorcyclists, the procession with the local pastor and civil protection ...
Cars Fail Funny

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