9 useful tips to keep the interior of…
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9 useful tips to keep the interior of your car tidy and clean as long as possible!

March 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Cleaning the exterior of one's car is important, but it is also necessary to take care of the interior.

Our car, whether big or small, allows us to go wherever we want, automatically capturing germs and dirt (especially on rainy days, when our shoes tread on mud and debris) which is why our car tends to get dirty easily.

If you do not want to take your car to be washed so often, and you want to save on cleaning, then you should pay attention to these eight practical tips to keep your car clean for as long as possible.

1. "Portable" hand tissues

image: Make Magazine

It is useful and above all very practical to have in your car a container with hand tissues that are easy to extract when needed. So, if you had not thought about it before, it's time to get this indispensable "gadget".

2. A small trash can

Are you used to throwing your hand tissues or paper on the floor of your car thinking, "Well, I will pick it all up later and throw it away"? Then you really need to place a small trash can in the back of your car! This will help you maintain order and cleanliness.


3. Foam pipe insulation ...

... prevent small items such as keys and candy from falling down under the seats. Just get some foam pipe insulation, cut it to the right size to fit in the spaces between the seats and the gearbox, position them, and you are done!

4. Water and sponge (possibly a melamine sponge)

When you want to stop liquid stains from crystallizing on the most difficult parts of your car to clean, just opt for melamine sponges. Locate where the stain is, spray a little water in its direction, rub with a melamine sponge --- Et voila, the stain cannot resist and will completely disappear.

5. Vacuum cleaner ... with a "nozzle"

image: Wash N Roll

Obviously, to prevent the inside of your car from accumulating dust on dust, you can use the beloved vacuum cleaner from time to time. Make sure, however, to place a nozzle at its end in order to collect dust from even under the seats and in the most unreachable corners. If you cannot find the right nozzle, you can always opt for a do-it-yourself version. Just take a cardboard paper tube, collapse one of the two ends until it has a narrow opening and fit it to the end of the vacuum cleaner, it will function as a perfect crevice nozzle to clean narrow spaces.


6. Use a cloth and oil olive to clean leather surfaces

image: WikiHow

If your car has leather surfaces, you can clean them easily without taking the risk of damaging the expensive leather parts. All you need is a cloth of any type of fabric and a little olive oil, it will allow the leather surfaces to shine as if they were new.

7. Mini dust collectors --- foam brushes

image: Pinterest

If you want to clean those hateful air-conditioning vents as quickly as possible, just get some foam brushes. They are essential to capturing and eliminating dust found in the narrowest spaces of your car.


8. DIY air fresheners

Using essential oils in your car can really be a stroke of genius! If you love DIY, you can take one or more clothespins, spread a bit of hot glue on one side and glue on some colored sponge balls. Then, if you spray essential oils on the sponge balls and attach the clothespin wherever you want in your car, the pleasant fragrance will spread and your car will immediately take on another atmosphere and style.  

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