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14 winter tips that every motorist should…
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14 winter tips that every motorist should keep in mind

January 30, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Winter is the time of year that most tests the driving ability of a motorist and the resistance of a vehicle. Although cars are equipped to deal with low temperatures, when the weather becomes freezing, the locks, gaskets, and all the most exposed parts can suffer the consequences.

We have collected a series of tips and golden rules to survive the winter months without worries. Obviously, and we will never tire of saying it, our first recommendation is PRUDENCE!

Remember that snow and ice are a constant danger, even if you have become familiar with winter weather and feel safe (actually, it is particularly in that case that you have to be even more careful!).

1. Regarding departing and driving, avoid sudden acceleration. Stay in low gear and proceed very slowly.

2. If the lock is frozen, use hand sanitizer gel --- the alcohol will act on the ice without damaging anything.


3. If you get stuck on a slope, load the weight on the drive axle. If rear-wheel drive, everything on the luggage rack; if in front, you can make a person sit on the hood to free the car from a hole (of course, only for a few feet).

4. Fogged windows? Remember that applying a small amount of shaving foam on the windows (to be removed with a dry cloth) can prevent this annoying phenomenon.

5. Again concerning foggy windows, just fill a sock with some cat litter and leave it in the car and it will absorb moisture very effectively.


6. You can also put lubricating oil inside locks, which keeps the humidity away preventing the formation of ice.

7. Even if it rains often, washing the car in winter is important. Road salt and weather conditions can easily damage the bodywork.


8. Cannot move? Try putting car mats under the wheels, or cat litter.

9. In general, while driving in snow and ice, a motorist should triple the distance between cars for safety. Moreover, it is always better to brake slowly without ever suddenly blocking the wheels.


10. If there are any frosts in the weather forecast, old socks can protect windshield wipers.

11. On the windshield, you can lay an old towel, which will also protect windshield wipers. Do not use cardboard!

12. Use a simple plastic bag to prevent ice forming on the side mirror, which is hampers clear visibility!

13. In an emergency situation, you can remove the ice from the glass with a credit card! The credit card will probably be damaged, but at least you will return home!

14. Keep headlights always clean by using toothpaste! Good lighting can save your life in case of snow or fog!

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