18 times when snow created such incredible works of art that people had to stop and photograph them

In winter, when temperatures drop to zero, you always expect to wake up in the morning with that strange and unreal silence that characterizes snow days. Snow that reappears every year in many areas of…

14 winter tips that every motorist should keep in mind

Winter is the time of year that most tests the driving ability of a motorist and the resistance of a vehicle. Although cars are equipped to deal with low temperatures, when the weather becomes freezing,…
Cars Guides Snow

A kitten survives freezing cold and an amputation!

The entire body of this kitten was so covered with snow and ice that probably the man who saved it was able to see the kitten only because of the dark color of its fur. The poor kitten was in danger of…
Animals Rescues Snow

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Snow Route--- stunning panorama!

Japan is a country that allows you to see fascinating natural landscapes, that are often even radically different. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is definitely one of these. It is 37 km (23 miles)…
Japan Mountain Snow

A father builds his kids a thrilling snow slide track! WoW!

It is not true that playing in the snow is fun only for children! In fact, in this family, it is the father who seems to be the most enthusiastic of all! Look at the idea that he had as soon as the snow…

"Drifting" a Lamborghini in the snow can be dangerous but great fun! :)

The owners of these Lamborghini were really eager and could not wait to until it snowed enough for them to do this trick! Here, in the video, we see these two drivers as put their considerable driving…
Cars Snow

He learned to walk only a few weeks ago ... But when he gets on a snowboard? Phenomenal!

Young children are full of marvelous potential, often they can do almost anything, even if it is their first experience! There are plenty of examples: children learning easily and quickly to play an instrument…

People trying to clear snow!?..Yes, but look at who is “helping”! lol!

To play the role of man of the house can be a very laborious task, you must always be ready and on hand to perform tasks that progressively become more difficult and complicated or that are just boring!…
Animals Dogs Snow

Yvon Martel’s MTT-136 electric sled is able to do things that others cannot. Wait until you see it in action!!!

Snow gives us the opportunity to indulge in a variety of entertaining activities. From building a simple snowman, to downhill skiing, to performing spins on a snowboard, the pleasure is so great that we want…

He creates a snow path ... But there's a clever trick behind it!

The gardener must create a path in the snow to allow people free access to the parking lot. The snow is so much, and walking on it's impossible not to get stuck. Only with his help people can cross…
Funny Jokes Snow

This little girl can't slide on the snow, but SOMEONE will show her how to do it ...!

This baby is very small and probably her first experience in the snow. While she's not too sure what to do, someone decides to show her how to have fun in these situations: it's a Labrador, who show everyone…
Animals Dogs Snow

The snow on the rails is very high, but the power of this train is extraordinary

Being virtually unstoppable is one of the features that we all associate with a massive and heavy means of transport like the train and seeing these images we can only confirm the cliché. Filmed at Christchurch…

If you've already had enough of winter, this will make you laugh!

With its cold temperatures and heavy precipitation, winter really puts a strain on our nerves. In fact, if we think of all the disruptions in the services and transportation, we totally understand the…
Funny Snow

Every winter you can experience something MAGIC on this lake in Sweden !

The lake Blanktjarn, in northern Sweden, is so crystal clear that in winter the frozen surface allows you to explore the seabed like an aquarium. Local residents also know that the 10 cm of ice that it…

Some people are ice fishing : you won't believe what comes out of the hole!!

A group of friends is ice fishing on a Canadian lake throwing hooks under a layer of ice through a 60cm hole. In that environment is not easy to see whether there is any fish to catch, so you need someone…
Canada Snow Wtf

It seems impossible that a car can do all of this

It's hard to believe it watching this car move smoothly on steep snow-covered slopes. This gem is the Nissan GT-R and it is a car designed by Nissan Motor sports coupe with the intention of creating a…

The incredible human bowling

A new way to have fun in the snow, look at what they came up with...

15 meters of snow in Japan

A wall of snow surrounds the highway between Bijodaira and Murodo in Tateyama.
Japan Snow Wtf

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