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A woman has decided to live in this…
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A woman has decided to live in this tiny camper trailer --- and that's all she needs!

June 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Until a few years ago, Sharon led a completely different life. She had a home, a job, a simple existence similar to that of many others.

When she retired, however, she decided to completely change her way of life! She got rid of the house she lived in, sold or gave away all the things she could do without and bought a small camper trailer.

Today, it is all that she has and it's enough.

This is Sharon and she lives in a small Teardrop Rv Camper Trailer Model 2015 T @B M@ x S, powered by electricity and solar energy.

Other than the jeep, which she uses to tow the camper trailer, Sharon does not own much else. 

"The best thing about living in a camper trailer is that it forces you to spend a lot of time outside. When you have this lifestyle, you enjoy nature and other people more. You cannot stay inside too long, sooner or later you feel the need to go outside." Sharon says.

The dimensions of the camper trailer are really small. In fact, it is 11.81 ft long (3.6 m) and 4.92 ft. high (1.5 m).


Inside Sharon has a small kitchen with a stove, a sink, and a fridge. But Sharon loves to cook outside, so she is also equipped with a portable kitchen.

The bathroom is the most curious area of the whole camper trailer. It is a very small space where there are a toilet and a shower without partitions.

With an area for sleeping, this camper trailer offers Sharon everything that she needs.

"Getting used to such small spaces is not easy", she admits. "But I've never looked back, I've always thought that this way of life and the people you meet are phenomenal! It's so much better --- I've lived in houses and I've lived in beautiful apartments. It has happened that I've lived in the same place for two or three years and I never got to know my neighbors. On the other hand, living on the road, I have met exceptional people!  I am always meeting new people, having dinner with them, and often staying in touch."

Sharon has no doubts --- a nomadic life is far better!

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