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Rush hour in Ho Chi Minh

Rush hour traffic in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). That's what traffic lights are for!
Cars Traffic Vietnam Wtf

This superwoman doesn't forgive: here's what happens to those who dirty the city!

Own justice is never advisable, but in this case the motivation is noble and the results impressive. A woman on a motorcycle goes around the city to punish those who leave their trash around, using a…
Cars Curious Wtf

Ken Block - Need For Speed

The last performance of Ken Block for the game Need For Speed ​​...
Cars Drift Motors Sport

Kawasaki ZX10 vs Corvette RX7 - drift battle

Incredible drift challenge between Nick "Apex" Brocha (Kawasaki ZX10) e Jim Guthrie (Corvette RX7)...
Cars Drift Motorbike

Dubai Police with supercars !

Law enforcement Dubai police is composed of about 15,000 people who also use luxury and extremely fast cars such as the Corvette Camaro, Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF.
Cars Motors

It takes a few seconds to understand that this car could become everyone's dream !!

The vehicle presented in this video seems to belong more to a science film rather than reality. The AEROMOBIL 3.0 has the special ability to be both an airplane and a car, with the double advantage of…

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