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18 tips for your car that will save you from a lot of hassles

Not everyone has a particular interest in caring for their car, but if you are among those who have bought one after scrimping and saving, then maybe you will be interested in discovering how to protect…
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18 photos of parked cars to which you will not know how to give a logical explanation

The expression "bad parking" does not arise from an exaggeration from those individuals who are maniacs of civic order, but from the awareness of people who no longer have any illusions and know that…
Absurd Cars Funny

She leaves her baby in the car and goes to the bar with her friends --- and when she returns she sees that she has almost caused a tragedy

We are in the sunny parking lot of a Mexican shopping center and some passersby hear noises coming from a car. They approach and discover that on the back seat there is a very young baby girl who is crying…
Cars Children Fear Stories

9 useful tips to keep the interior of your car tidy and clean as long as possible!

Cleaning the exterior of one's car is important, but it is also necessary to take care of the interior. Our car, whether big or small, allows us to go wherever we want, automatically capturing germs and…
Cars DIY Useful

14 winter tips that every motorist should keep in mind

Winter is the time of year that most tests the driving ability of a motorist and the resistance of a vehicle. Although cars are equipped to deal with low temperatures, when the weather becomes freezing,…
Cars Guides Snow

7 habits to be abandoned immediately so as not to risk damaging your car

Even if you are among those who pay the utmost attention to car care, if you want to limit as much as possible the risk of having a mechanical breakdown or simply want to make sure that your car stays…
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