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Video Recycling

A DIY Solution! Self-watering Plant Holders!

Do you want to save money on gardening tools and gadgets but still be able to plant and take care of plants with your own hands? Well, what about learning how to make these "self-irrigating" containers…

Discover How To Make A Rubber Tire Flower Planter!

Considering the impact that old rubber tires have on the environment, every time we come across projects that provide an interesting way to upcycle or reuse them, we cannot but be happy about it. Therefore,…

Five Hacks For 5-Liter Plastic Bottles

Throwing away plastic bottles is a real waste, even more so if they are 5-liter containers. The problem is finding the right way to re-use them! In this video, you will find five nice ideas centered around…

Ideas To Recycle Your Old Flip-flops!

Flip-flops are the most commonly worn summer footwear! They are comfortable, practical, and adaptable enough to be worn with different kinds of summer clothing. Here in this short video tutorial, you…

Need A Food Box? Use A Paper Plate!

It has probably happened to most of us to have invited guests over for dinner or a party and discover that we have bought so much food that we are forced to distribute it to our guests for them to take…

Discover Some Of The Many Benefits Of Dried Used Tea Bags!

It has happened to almost everyone to drink a cup of tea and then to immediately throw the tea bag in the organic waste container. That's too bad! Yes, too bad, because you could have reused the tea bag…

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