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Video Recycling

Breathe Some New Life Into Old Bras! Recycle!

How many things can you do by recycling an old bra? More than you can imagine! Eliminate the pain of high-heeled footwear using bra pads under the midfoot or arch, upcycle and personalize a bra to…

An Innovative Idea To Naturally Fertilize And Revitalize Land!

What we are about to tell you is an experiment that demonstrates how the synergy between industrial and environmental needs, after twenty years, has given unexpected results. The project was born in 1997 when…

Introducing A New Building Material! PLASTIC!

Argentina has one of the highest housing deficits in the world, and even if funds for the construction of 100,000 new homes were allocated in 2012, the difficulty of accessing credit makes it difficult…

An Ingenious Way To Recycle A Plastic Bottle!

Why throw away a plastic bottle when it could be used to make a pretty object-carrying box? To create this box is easy and we are sure that if you use it as a receptacle for a gift, whoever receives it…

A DIY Solution! Self-watering Plant Holders!

Do you want to save money on gardening tools and gadgets but still be able to plant and take care of plants with your own hands? Well, what about learning how to make these "self-irrigating" containers…

Discover How To Make A Rubber Tire Flower Planter!

Considering the impact that old rubber tires have on the environment, every time we come across projects that provide an interesting way to upcycle or reuse them, we cannot but be happy about it. Therefore,…

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