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Houses Made With Plastic Bottles Offer A Solution That Is Economical, Anti-seismic, And Ecological

Recycling is a noble activity, but in many cases, it is hard to make it something that everyone does. This is because perhaps, fortunately, it is still a choice for us, but for many people, recycling…

14 Furniture Ideas Using Common Concrete Blocks! You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised!

We at Guardxvideo are strong advocates of recycling and innovative ideas about how to use waste materials. Therefore, even in furnishings, we suggest ideas that allow you to use elements that really…

A Dream House Made From --- Shipping Containers!

Everyone's dream house is different. There are those who prefer a house with several floors, or one with a single floor, near the sea or in the mountains, or ... made from shipping containers! As a matter…

Upcycle Vinyl Records To Make Unique Home Decor

If you have an old vinyl record collection that is now ruined and unusable or that you know that you will never listen to again, why not upcycle it to create some original decor objects? These historic…

Breathe Some New Life Into Old Bras! Recycle!

How many things can you do by recycling an old bra? More than you can imagine! Eliminate the pain of high-heeled footwear using bra pads under the midfoot or arch, upcycle and personalize a bra to…

An Innovative Idea To Naturally Fertilize And Revitalize Land!

What we are about to tell you is an experiment that demonstrates how the synergy between industrial and environmental needs, after twenty years, has given unexpected results. The project was born in 1997 when…

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