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Video Of Handycrafts

Breathe Some New Life Into Old Bras! Recycle!

How many things can you do by recycling an old bra? More than you can imagine! Eliminate the pain of high-heeled footwear using bra pads under the midfoot or arch, upcycle and personalize a bra to…

Stunning Cracked Marble Jewelry

This tutorial will teach you how to make costume jewelry from some old or chipped marbles, it makes no difference. First of all, we will show you how to achieve a fantastic effect inside the marble,…

Love The Color Gold? Get The Midas Touch!

Did you know that to give your home a new look, you do not have to spend a fortune or buy all new furniture? In fact, in the video, this woman shows us an easy and fast hack to give objects that you have…

Beaded Mason Jar Ambient Lanterns!

Do you always save your used glass jars? Ok! Now that you have lots of them, let's find an interesting and practical way to reuse them! With this DIY project, you can create a beautiful colored ambient…

Make A Tree Branch Coat Rack! A Very Practical DIY Project!

If you have a chance to get a few branches, we recommend that you try this simple DIY project, which has a guaranteed positive result. You do however need a minimum of manual skill, so if it is necessary…

A DIY Solution! Self-watering Plant Holders!

Do you want to save money on gardening tools and gadgets but still be able to plant and take care of plants with your own hands? Well, what about learning how to make these "self-irrigating" containers…

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