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Video Of Handycrafts

DIY Art Project --- Create A Straw Caterpillar! Ingenious!

This video will show you how to make these cute little caterpillars that are even able to move! It does not take much time to make them and even fewer materials! All you need are a straw, a pair of scissors…

These DIY Pom-pom Rugs Are Both Pretty AND Practical! Check It Out!

The creativity boom we are experiencing around the world is bringing original ideas to every possible sector and field of do-it-yourself (DIY). Today, we present an object you can make at home that can…

Watch How "simple" Can Become "elegant" In Only A Few Minutes!

It is hot and you do not know what to wear, you want something cool and fresh but at the same time unique, but the more you look through your closet, the fewer ideas you have.  Even last month's shopping…

Discover How To Make An Easy Rose Cupcake Bouquet!

If you have planned to have dinner guests but creating elaborate desserts is not your strong suit, then maybe you can try to focus on the way you present your dessert. If the presentation is done well,…

What Can You Make With Three Towels, A Needle, And Some Thread?

In your bathroom, this bath mat, that you can make yourself, should not be missing!  To make it is simple! You need three large towels that you no longer use. First, cut out long strips, sew three of…

Clever Ideas To Upcycle Your Flip-flops!

In summer the shoes that you wear the most are flip-flops because they are comfortable, light, and versatile. They can be worn with sports apparel or more elegant attire, their simplicity it always appropriate! …

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