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Video Of Handycrafts

Make A Tree Branch Coat Rack! A Very Practical DIY Project!

If you have a chance to get a few branches, we recommend that you try this simple DIY project, which has a guaranteed positive result. You do however need a minimum of manual skill, so if it is necessary…

A DIY Solution! Self-watering Plant Holders!

Do you want to save money on gardening tools and gadgets but still be able to plant and take care of plants with your own hands? Well, what about learning how to make these "self-irrigating" containers…

An Ingenious Way To Always Know Where Your Bottle Opener Is ...

When you need a bottle opener, there almost never seems to be one on hand! For this reason, we decided to make one that can be mounted on a wall and that has a jar where all the bottle caps are collected! …

Learn How To Make An Easy But Very Elegant Napkin Ring!

When we organize an event, even if it is not a special one, still it is good to determine the right style for the occasion. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression, when organizing an informal…

Use Your Imagination And Transform Your Sunglasses!

Sunglasses are a style accessory that should never be missing from our handbag or backpack!  If however, you think that the outfit you have in mind should reflect your uniqueness in everything and in…

Discover Some Fantastic CD Hacks!

Before we used to stock up on blank CDs to store photos and music digitally, but now CDs are almost obsolete! However, if you still have lots of unused CDs in some corner of the house, do not think about…

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