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22 Space-saving Furnishing Ideas That Are Ideal For Those Who Have A Small House

Knowing how to live in a small home is a matter of taste and organization. There are people who love ambiances that are organized and despite the small space, they are still able to find a place for…

19 Shamelessly Luxurious Things I Will Buy When I Am A Millionaire

Although unbridled luxury and the useless waste of natural resources are things that we should not be proud of, there are some small hidden desires that we do not have to be ashamed of. Besides, dreaming…

It Looks Like An Old Wood Cabin But Inside It Is A Masterpiece Of Design

Swiss architects have a weakness for those projects that reserve surprises. They always exploit the beauty of natural landscapes, and they often create homes that seem simple but in reality conceal jewels…

14 Furniture Ideas Using Common Concrete Blocks! You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised!

We at Guardxvideo are strong advocates of recycling and innovative ideas about how to use waste materials. Therefore, even in furnishings, we suggest ideas that allow you to use elements that really…

He Could Not Build On The Ground But Managed To Realize His Dream House By Building It Below Ground!

It is a widely known fact that whoever has enough money can always find a way to get around laws! An example of this is the news that has as the protagonist the British magnate Steve O'Connor. O'Connor…

DIY Vertical Wall Gardening Made Easy

Spring has come and is the perfect time to plant some colorful flowers or create a small green space to let your house breathe. There is no need to have a large terrace or a large garden to enjoy growing…

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