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23 Useful Kitchen Gadgets That Would Make Anyone Happy

If experimenting in the kitchen is one of your passions and you cannot go without purchasing any new tool or gadget that can facilitate the preparation of your dishes, then the inventions dedicated to…

25 Original Ideas To Decorate Your Garden Using Gravel And Pebbles

Those lucky enough to have a garden know that taking care of it is important and challenging but it is also a lot of fun and a very rewarding activity.  One of the ways that people love to embellish…

17 New Utensils For The Kitchen That You Will Not Be Able To Resist!

Cooking is definitely a skill that depends a lot on your natural talents, but the tools you use can also make a big difference. Nowadays, you can find and buy the most modern accessories, designed to…

11 Do-it-yourself (DIY) Projects To Turn Simple IKEA Furniture Into A Design Piece

For some years now, it is impossible to think of the concept of "house" without the mind automatically associating it with the IKEA brand. The well-known Swedish multinational company has come to dominate…

24 Times In Which Design Has Given Birth To Absolutely Brilliant Ideas!

Often we conceive of design as something very distant from reality --- very abstract and therefore not very useful. Nevertheless, designers sometimes think not only of the visual aspect of an object…
Design Ideas Useful

27 Design Fails That Are Unexplainable Unless You Attribute Them To The Madness Of Those Who Made Them!

Do you know what you mean when it comes to burnout? It is an expression that indicates, in the workplace, a moment of exasperation, of excessive stress that affects the private life and/or health of…
Design Fail Funny

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