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How to put makeup on in 10 seconds

are you in a hurry? Here is the right solution
Funny Spot Women

Did you think you stole my parking spot?

A curious scene in which a driver gives a lesson to a bully definitely showing great determination.
Parking Women Wtf

An exciting marriage proposal

Just before a basketball game cheerleaders are performing but for one of them there is a really spacial surprise...

Friendship beyond all limits

In February of 2014 a friend of Gerdi McKenna (who was diagnosed with cancer) wrote a request to all her friends and they replied back it this way ...

Baby moving inside the mother's belly at 37 weeks !

The video of the movements of little Toren inside his mother's belly.

This prank left me a bit 'puzzled...Gold digger woman !

The protagonist of our prank sits on a Lamborghini Gallardo and waits for his victim. Once identified and exchanged a few words, he proposes a ride in the car: the point is he didn't specify WHICH car!

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