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Nurse is criticized for her curvaceous body: "they accuse me of being inappropriate when I'm at work"

None of us choose the shape of our bodies. Of course, we can pay attention to our figures, go to the gym, follow a diet, but if you are tall, short, or have some other shape, we cannot change too much…

22-year-old criticized for never wanting to become a mother: "Children bother me"

In the past, women were mainly seen as people who were destined to become mothers - women's wishes and ambitions were not taken into account, as their prime purpose was seen as being procreation…

"You're 40 years old - you should dress like someone your age": this mother is criticized for her youthful looks

Do you agree that everyone should be free to dress and look as they see fit? Of course! Also, every woman on this planet would like to stay young forever - just like a beautiful princess from a fairytale…

Mother of 10 children is abandoned by her husband: "He did not think it possible that I could be expecting a fifth set of twins"

Falling pregnant or arrival of a baby is not always seen as a blessing, or at least, it is not so for everyone. There are those who want this with all their heart and manage to deal with it well - parents who…

Woman takes on a challenge and lifts 120 kg, shocking all the men in the gym: "They thought I couldn't do it"

In sport and, in general, in individual sports, it is not uncommon to see some healthy competition. It is difficult, however, to have men and women compete in the same category, due to the natural physical…

Young woman does not shave her armpits and does not use deodorant: "I want to accept my body for what it naturally is"

We all know how, with the arrival of the scorching heat of summer, there is the possibility of sweating more and, as a result, it is necessary to resort to using more deodorant - especially when going…

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