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Now dark circles are in fashion: the new trend is to draw them with lipstick

How many times have we turned to our trusted beautician or have we resorted to face skin creams to hide our imperfections? We have all done it at least once in our life, convinced that hiding would be…

A woman's purpose should be to live a happy life, not to nurse a man

How many times have we convinced ourselves that to live a happy and fulfilled life we need to find a caring man, get married, create a perfect family, be a mother of sound principles and a model wife?…

A 56-year-old woman has been married 10 times but has no plans to stop: she has to find the right person

There are those who have been lucky enough to find soemone first time and those who, after repeated attempts, realize they have not succeeded. Cassey, a 56-year-old business woman residing in the United…

A talented hairdresser shows how liberating it can be to take a drastic cut to your hair

Cutting one's hair is an act of pampering not only towards one's appearance but also towards one's self-esteem; many women, especially those who have always proudly sported their long hair, have over…

15 women who decided to show off a super short cut without caring about the opinions of others

It doesn't matter if you feel more comfortable with long or short hair, the important thing is to know how to feel good, but first of all you should be comfortable with yourself. Yes, because all too…

This skilled hairdresser brings out all the natural beauty of these women's gray hair

His name is Jack Martin, and he is a real genius of women's hairstyles; Not only has his Instagram profile become extremely popular, but one of his strong points, in high demand with his clientele of…

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