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She is 80 years old, but do not try calling her grandma! She is the oldest bodybuilder in the world!

Many times, too many times we have set out to pursue a goal then, as time passes, our desire to accomplish this goal became weaker and weaker to the point of getting lost in the maze of our unavoidable…

A real fighter is not the one who always wins, but the one who never gives up

There are women who have a warrior spirit, who face life with strength and dignity, taking full responsibility for their actions, and transforming the greatest difficulties into opportunities to reinvent…

The power of makeup is shown here with these 27 brides that make-up artists have made beautiful ... and unrecognizable!

For most women, the day of their marriage is a dream that has come true, a long-cherished fantasy held by little girls, back when they staged make-believe weddings, wearing their mother's heels and a…

Here is what a mature woman expects from a love relationship

The term "mature woman" does not refer to age, but to a woman who has achieved a certain degree of knowledge about herself, who knows what she wants, and "who" she wants by her side. In a couple's relationship, this…

Children do not need a perfect mother, but a happy mother

Becoming a mother means taking on one of the most demanding and important roles in one's life. As a mother, you take on numerous responsibilities and strive to have the answers to the countless doubts…

While all focus on the newborn baby, a grandmother focuses on the new mom

Pregnancy is usually a beautiful period for every expectant woman, both for that life that grows in her womb and for the prospect of having the baby soon in her arms, and because she, as a soon to be…

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