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World's best rope jumping girl

This girl is really incredible at rope jumping. Watch her in action and be amazed!
Funny Sport

Girl falls during a race, but what happens next is unbelievable

This athlete gives the world a powerful life lesson. Just one lap from the end of the race, a terrible fall seem to affect her performance, but she is not discouraged and with great determination she…

Excuse me, who's the grandma here?!

Johanna Quaas is 86, she comes from Germany and she is the eldest gymnast in the world.
Curious Sport Wtf

The parade that will make history

If any of you had never seen the keeper of this historic parade, it's time to do it!
Soccer Spectacular Sport Wtf

Bike Parkour San Francisco!

The best Trial Bikers of San Francisco...

Luckiest golf shot ever !

During the Smurfit European Open in 2005, Darren Clarke was kissed by luck at the eighteenth hole!!
Golf Sport Wtf

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