Is your dream a flat stomach? Here are…
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Is your dream a flat stomach? Here are 5 infallible exercises for your lower abdominal muscles

August 30, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Having a flat stomach is the dream of many women who, especially in the summer, try to lose weight to look like one of those models in fashion magazines.

However, the "bikini test" is definitely not easy for everyone to pass!

Nonetheless, getting back in shape is the right decision regardless of the bikini test and all of us should strive to improve our well-being and health.

Moreover, getting back in shape usually requires a great deal of effort and above all, the lower abdominals (lower stomach muscles) require considerable attention.

To achieve a "flat stomach", first we must eat a healthy and balanced diet, and then we must commit to doing regular and targeted exercises.

The exercises we offer here below are five simple exercises that you can do at home which will significantly improve your lower abdominal muscles and overall fitness.

1. Mountain Climber

This exercise is very intense and is also ideal for losing weight, as it requires a very fast pace and involves different muscles of the body.

2. Leg Raise

This wonderful exercise involves both the upper and lower abdominals, so it is very effective if you want a flat stomach.


3. Scissors

If you do this exercise correctly by controlling all the movements, you will surely feel that your lower abdominals are being trained and strengthened properly.

4. Modified Side Leg lifts

This is another one of the most complete exercises regarding the area of ​​the abdomen, which will allow you to also work on the lateral abdominal areas.

Leg lift with hip raise - Lying with your back on the ground, lift both legs and hips upwards. By controlling the upward movements well and you will feel your stomach muscles contract each time. 

Repeat these simple exercises regularly and correctly and you will see excellent results over time. We advise you to start with a low-intensity workout routine and then increase gradually.

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