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The Worst Karate Demonstration

In this karate gym seems like the Master should review the basics a little bit.
Fail Sport

This downhill skateboard ride in the heart of the Alps will keep you on the edge of your chair !!

With a good dose of courage these two professional skateboarders ride down a road in the middle of the beautiful Alps.

A path that only a few would cycle

Three friends, a shared passion for cycling, the one at the back has a camera on his helmet. The path they go through will leave you on the edge all the way.
Bicycle Follies Sport Wtf

The best game of table tennis ever

A professional table tennis game turns into a hilarious comedy scene, so funny!
Funny Sport

The sprint of two 90 years old young guys

Emiel Pauwels and Ilmari Koppinen compete with European Veterans Athletics ... who will win?
Racing Sport Wtf

World's best rope jumping girl

This girl is really incredible at rope jumping. Watch her in action and be amazed!
Funny Sport

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