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Incredible jumps from Kenya

Kenyan athletes met to compete and train doing extraordinary jumps. Note the unusual technique they use and the fact that they don't have mattresses to protect themselves.
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Girl falls during a race, but what happens next is unbelievable

This athlete gives the world a powerful life lesson. Just one lap from the end of the race, a terrible fall seem to affect her performance, but she is not discouraged and with great determination she…

The best skills with a football...ever!!

A compilation of skills and fancy tricks with the ball, which would test the certainties of even the most experienced players: these guys have almost total control on the ball as if it were an additional…

Ken Block - Need For Speed

The last performance of Ken Block for the game Need For Speed ​​...
Cars Drift Motors Sport

Here's what it's like to stand in the boots of a skier who has no LIMITS !

If you think that snowboarders are more reckless than skiers, you havn't met Candide Thovex. This French freestyle skier, who seems to have no limits, takes you with him on a breathtaking skiing day !

This female bodybuilder is 74 YEARS OLD: she'll leave you speechless

Here's the female bodybuilder Ernestine Shepard, a symbol and inspiration for all those who feel too old to continue or undertake physical activity. Her path started well over 50 years before, when she…
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