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An athlete donates his medal to his mother to thank her: "My father abandoned me, but my mom - NEVER!"

The love one feels for their mother is truly an incomparable feeling! Our mother is the one who raised us and put all her efforts into making us a better person. José Alejandro Barrondo is a young man…

Just by walking you can lose weight! Here's how much and how often

Those who have to get back in shape are often frightened by the effort involved, which leads them to give up even before trying. However, losing extra pounds is something that can also be done in a gradual…
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This performance of Japanese synchronized walking is so perfect that you will remain mesmerized

That of the synchronized walking is a discipline that perhaps outside of Asian countries is not well known, but that manages to create such a spectacular show that it can be appreciated even by untrained…

A horse approaches a woman in a wheelchair and what follows captivates the spectators!

Lauren Barwick is a Canadian woman with a difficult personal story behind her but one that is also full of hope and love for life. When she was only a child, she began to show a particular fondness for horses and…
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The fire alarm goes off at the most crucial moment during the 2018 World Cup Soccer Championship Game --- and the Croatian firefighters' reaction goes viral!

For those who are passionate about soccer, they would never miss their favorite soccer team's game for anything in the world. This is even more so, when it is the national soccer team that is playing…
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The skaters start their performance and a few moments later the judges have no doubts about who will be the winner!

Like many little-followed sports, figure skating always impresses casual spectators due to the incredible actions of the athletes who can dance while they balance on a thin metal blade on an icy and…

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