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She gives birth to twins at the age of 64: some time later she is judged to be "an unsuitable mother" and loses custody of the children

Nowadays, age no longer represents an unsurpassable obstacle to motherhood. Even women of a certain age are now able to conceive thanks to remarkable scientific advances. Mauricia Ibanez is definitely the…

She saves a bear cub from a troubled zoo and it becomes her pet - now they are inseparable

We are all used to thinking of a pet like a dog or a cat, at most a bird in a cage or an exotic fish inside a transparent tank full of water. Instead, there are some very remote realities far from the…

15 women who turned to a make-up artist and were transformed into "Hollywood divas"

Do you believe in magic? We do, especially when it comes to women's makeup. Just contact your trusted beautician to be convinced you that you don't need a magic wand to turn a pumpkin into a carriage,…

This hen with heart shapes on her feathers shows that nature knows how to surprise us in the most original ways

Sometimes, nature manages to amaze us in the most unexpected ways with its surprising shapes and patterns. In fact, just look around to see how much beauty and how much variety our planet, and the creatures…

A woman gives birth to triplets in the course of five days: it's a world record

Imagine that you are in the middle of your pregnancy, you are expecting a baby and preparations are underway for the arrival of the new family member: what could possibly go wrong? Unexpected things galore…

Single mom does not have the strength to cope with triplets and asks for help: 3 grandmothers answer the call

Raising a child is tough for a family - especially in the first few months - but raising triplets, for a single mother, is something akin to a “mission impossible”. However, this is precisely what…

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