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This is the most terrifying glacier calving caught on camera in Greenland !

The documentary '' Chasing Ice '', premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and screened around the world, shows the gradual and relentless destruction of the glaciers and the immense energy released…

The monkey with an very impressive memory

This monkey proves to have more developed memory than any human !

I didn't expect the art of knots and rope rescue could be so exciting !

Here's a demonstration of the extraordinary art rope rescue given by a platoon of trained Japanese firefighters.

The impressive ability of this samurai: he cuts in half a ball at 160 km / h

We have probably all seen dozens of films concerning the ancient Japanese tradition of the samurai, but have you ever seen one in action? In this video you can enjoy the incredible skill of cutting in…

A lioness catches a newborn wildebeest ---See what happens next!

In the bush, the rule 'kill or be killed', but we are sure that it is not a saying too generalist? A wildebeest female has just given birth a small, perfect time for a lioness in search of food: he rushes…

This looks like a normal cat playing --- but then you notice an amazing detail ...

If you think about a blind cat, you probably imagine that such an animal would have serious orientation and mobility problems and consequently, would also have a very poor quality of life. However, the…

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