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The whole house catches on fire with a baby girl inside, but the family pit bull's action saves her life

Dogs are probably man's best friend, among all pets; yet, despite the proverbial loyalty and affection that they inspire and transmit, even in their case distinctions are often made, first of all, between…

This mother gave birth to six newborns in just nine minutes! The probability was 1 in 47 million!

If you thought that giving birth to a pair of twins was the best that nature could offer to expectant mothers, you will have to think again! In fact, it happened in the USA, in the state of Texas that…

Choose the gemstone that attracts you the most and it will reveal your most hidden desires

The charm of gemstones has never ceased to exercise its power over the fantasies of human beings. As a matter of fact, along with their amazing shapes and colors, these unique natural crystals very often…

A grandmother had her grandson's name changed while her daughter-in-law was hospitalized after a cesarean section

In the world, there are species made to be natural enemies like the dog and the cat, the cobra and the mongoose, and the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law. Jokes apart, however, it is true that…

A person without a heart threw a kitten in the garbage, but this little dog adopted it

An act of cruelty by a person without a heart towards the smallest and most defenseless of creatures has been lovingly compensated by an act of love from a very sweet dog that has offered care and affection…

This woman has been pregnant for a total of over 15 years and she has just given birth to her 21st child

There are couples who dream of having a large family. These people love children and also being parents fills them with satisfaction and joy, as well as the fact of imagining that when they are elderly…

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