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These 7 friends renovated a rundown mansion and turned it into a home where they all live together

There's nothing like having a great group of friends. And we're not just talking about friends you have fun with, but friends who know you to your core. Friends that are there for you through thick and…

A mother gives birth to a 13 pound baby: her stomach was "as big as a beach ball"

Chrissy Corbitt is a wife and mother of four beautiful children from Keystone Heights, Florida. She has the appearance of an ordinary person, but has actually broken records after giving birth to her…

A girl cruelly destroys her aunt's wedding dress: her father forces her to compensate her for $ 15,000

When it comes to "exemplary punishment", each parent has their own ideas. All children do wrong and all fathers and mothers, at the same time, look for more or less effective - and striking - ways to…

Why does this mamma duck escort her baby ducklings across the hallway of a nursing home every year? To get to the pond on the other side of the building!

Although most fairytales exist in an imaginary world, a patient care center in Canandaigua, New York, has experienced their own version of a fairytale every Spring since 1995. For close to 25 years now,…

Miner finds two rare gemstones and becomes a millionaire: he spends all of his money on opening a school

Some stories have a powerful message to them; it's enough to read them to understand that a person's luck can change almost instantly. For good or for bad.  In Saniniu Laizer's case, his luck changed…

Dad smacks his daughter hard and she tells all at school: he is charged and arrested for intentional injury

The work of a parent is very hard, knowing how to teach the rules of life to a child often requires difficult choices and sacrifices, and can at times seem severe; but no child should ever be physically…

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