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A woman accidentally ingests the capsules she had bought to poison stray dogs

It is well known that karma can reserve unpleasant surprises, but what happened to a 51-year-old Peruvian lady who wanted to get rid of the stray dogs that hung around her house, is truly a bitter end.…

Curly eyelashes are the fashion of the moment, but they seem to come from a horror movie!

No, they are not funny appliqués for your Halloween makeup and costumes, but a real fashion trend that is being noticed by teenagers all over the world. In fact, since fashion does not just consist of…

A waitress was fired for serving a meal to a student who didn't have enough money to pay the bill

At times, kindness and generosity towards those most in need can be found in the most unexpected places and by people who we might not think are able to manifest these qualities. Case in point is an American…

She gives birth at the age of 60, but her husband decides to abandon her when the baby starts keeping him up at night!

The true story that we are about to tell you seems almost unbelievable! But not only does it show us how today, we should no longer be astonished by anything, it also shows us how the maternal instinct…

A man completely paints his house bright pink, but his neighbors find it very difficult to accept!

What would happen if you or a member of your neighborhood painted the exterior walls of your or their home with a garish color, unusual for a peaceful and quiet suburban residential area? Well, we will…

It may seem to be a horse like all the others, but looking at it closely, you will understand why he is considered the most beautiful horse in the world

Did you know that even some particular horse breeds are currently on the endangered species list? There is a breed of horses that has risked extinction from the planet Earth three times, and today it…

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