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The charm of bygone days: 17 photographs capable of transporting us back in time

Not everyone likes to study history, let alone open a dusty book that reminds us too closely of the times when we went to school and found it extremely boring to study and memorize dates and events from…

"I'm not stupid": she buys a house next to a busy road and thencomplains about too much noise from traffic

What would you do if you bought the house of your dreams at a competitive price and in a strategic and very convenient position but just a few meters from a very busy two-lane road? Would you choose to…

She becomes pregnant with twins and her ex's partner asks to take care of them

Managing a pregnancy without the supoort of a partner can be a long and very, very hard process. Of course, there will always be parents, relatives or friends who will do their part and lend a hand to…

15 touching photos show us how people are capable of making small but important gestures

Some people have the power to make the world a better place, thanks to their empathy and kindness. Anyone who thinks that all people are selfish and insensitive is wrong: a small gesture is enough to…

"I want to live my love freely": priest announces during the mass that he has fallen in love with a woman

Although it's a widespread practice in the Protestant Christian religion, especially in the United States, in the ancient laws that exist in the Catholic religion, priests are not allowed to marry and…

Policemen pull over a car and discover a mother in labor: they help her to give birth on the street

When it's time to be born, it's time to be born. It's not particularly rare that, at the moment when her waters break, some mothers are unable to make it in time to arrive at the nearest hospital in the…

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