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Man sees a bride in the street and helps her: "she was desperate, she asked me for a ride and I took her to the church"

Let's face it: a wedding day is amongst the most wonderful events that two people can experience in a lifetime. This is the moment when the union becomes official and is celebrated together with loved…

She is 2m tall, he is 1.60m: "as soon as I met him, I realized he was special and my height didn't scare him off"

Are there any rules to follow when choosing a life partner? Obviously not. The only determining factor is one's heart and this is not something that can be controlled. Most people not to fixate too…

Infant of only 10 months falls and ends up with a crooked neck: after 13 years, a doctor helps her to reclaim her life

How many times have we been amazed at the progress made by science and medicine? So much advance has been made in these field, and despite this, we never cease to be amazed when we hear of stories…

"I only date men willing to spend at least € 100,000 on our first date"

When we talk about a first date, we usually think of an evening meeting: perhaps an aperitif, a dinner or drinks enjoyed in a beautiful setting. A simple way, one might say, to get to know another person,…

Man finds a bag with €8,000 euros inside: he does everything he can to track down the owner and receives only a paltry "thank you"

When we experience moments of difficulty, moments of despair - especially if we are in trouble from a financial point of view, and we do not know what to do - we can end up hoping and praying for…

Woman gives birth during a flight to Hawaii: "I didn't know I was pregnant"

Life constantly confronts us with an endless series of unexpected events, but sometimes these events are so extraordinary that they are truly unforgettable. The story we are about to tell has as its subject…

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