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She rolls up her hair in a band, when she takes it off effect is surprising

The best and most popular hairstyles are definitely those pleasant-looking one but also those that require the least effort. In this case, for example, a girl shows you how to get curls by just rolling…
Hair Tricks

He's suffered from baldness since he was 18 years old: in 2 months he found the perfect solution ... Wow!

Baldness is a problem that mostly affects men and manifests itself in different parts of the planet as it relates mainly to your genes. Although not harmful to health, it can lead to psychological damage…
Hair Wtf

It seems an ordinary braid but the final creation is truly amazing !!

Although everyday life requires fast and not very complicated hairstyles, sometimes it's nice to try something more complex. This hairstyle is called "waterfall braid" and as you can see it doesn't require…
Hair Ideas Tricks

The Woven Updo! A new and stunning updo hairstyle for long hair!

Here is an easy tutorial to help you learn how to create a hairstyle that is incredibly refined and elegant  -- by using just your hands --- resulting in a truly professional-looking hairdo! It may seem…
DIY Hair

She rolls up her hair using toilet paper: the result is worthy of a professional!

It is not always necessary to go to a hairdresser for a perfect cut, and you don't always have to use chemicals and hot straighteners that end up ruining you hair permanently. This trick will make you…
DIY Hair Tricks

Although she has short hair, this woman is able to create a crazy and unique hairstyle !

This woman hasn't got long hair, but it doesn't stop her from having an awesome hairstyle. All she needs is some patience (and of course exercise) to create the so-called waterfall braid, excellent for…
Hair Ideas

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