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Twenty "over 40" male models topple long-held prejudices regarding male beauty

High fashion runways have changed a lot in recent years. In fact, at last, those who are wearing garments made by the best stylists are not just models with "impossible" physical characteristics, but…

This woman shows you more than 20 DIFFERENT ways to wear a scarf ... Just choose your favorite one !

For both women and men, it's important to have style even when wearing a scarf. Here's a grerat video that shows you how to be stylish also during winter !

17 tattoos that you'll have to look at twice to understand how things really are

Deciding to get a tattoo means to denote on your skin something that is important and meaningful for your life! Of course, we cannot dismiss the aesthetic component, and there is nothing wrong with visually…

With or without a beard? These 16 images show men who dared to shave off their beards!

There are people who do not look favorably on men with long, thick beards, but you have to admit that there are men with beards who look very attractive, although a beard can make their face look very…

Her skin is so incredibly dark that she has been nicknamed the "Queen of Dark"

As the world seems to continue to have problems with the skin color that someone is born with, in the world of fashion, this majestic African beauty has been celebrated and exalted for decades.  Especially…

20 people who got a tattoo but would have done better to have stayed at home

We do not know to what extent a tattoo artist can make a client change their mind about a tattoo design that simply should not be drawn on anyone's skin, and we also do not know with what nerve a person…
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