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Discover how to convert a man's shirt into a trendy dress!

If you find yourself with a few men's shirts that are not being utilized, absolutely do not throw them out because there is the possibility to turn them into trendy clothes for women! There are already…
DIY Fashion Ideas

Bold fashion ideas that are not for everyone!

Fashion is not always synonymous with style and elegance! It is also associated with recklessness and rebellion, affirmation of oneself, and freedom of choice.  It must have been with this last aspect…

Twenty "over 40" male models topple long-held prejudices regarding male beauty

High fashion runways have changed a lot in recent years. In fact, at last, those who are wearing garments made by the best stylists are not just models with "impossible" physical characteristics, but…

Her skin is so incredibly dark that she has been nicknamed the "Queen of Dark"

As the world seems to continue to have problems with the skin color that someone is born with, in the world of fashion, this majestic African beauty has been celebrated and exalted for decades.  Especially…

15 looks that show how a short hairstyle can be the right idea to make a positive change

The frequency with which a woman cuts her hair depends greatly on the relationship she has with her hair and with the idea of change in general.  There are those who love a particular look and prefer…
Fashion Hair Women

The photos of this woman in a bikini have gone viral! What do you think?

Although we all know that advertisers play sneaky and subliminal games, almost all of us still fall into their traps! It is almost impossible not to look at a beautiful woman who is modeling a new swimsuit,…

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