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Video Fashion

This woman shows you more than 20 DIFFERENT ways to wear a scarf ... Just choose your favorite one !

For both women and men, it's important to have style even when wearing a scarf. Here's a grerat video that shows you how to be stylish also during winter !

One girl, two assistants and MANY different clothes: VERY IMPRESSIVE !

The producers of this video wanted to reproduce 100 years of style and fashion through a funny and original video. Starting from the twenties, through the more eccentric Seventies and coming up to the…

Her T-shirt is too big to be worn --- But wait a few seconds ...

It can happen to anyone to have in their closet an extra-large sweater or a T-shirt that is impossible to wear! Perhaps it was the result of a bad gift or impulse buying or shopping due to sales! What…
DIY Fashion

Trendy and stylish ways to tie shoelaces! Check it out!

Young people are always looking for a way to distinguish themselves and fashion is certainly the way that is most used to stand out from the crowd and appear to be original. Even the way shoelaces on…

Spray paint your hair like graffiti? Why NOT?! :)

It all began as an idea from, Janine Ker, an artist who delights in experimenting with hair color and hairstyles and now everyone is talking about this latest hair trend that is all the rage! Perhaps…

Famous paintings become ... Eyeshadow makeup!

Are you planning an evening of fun with friends and want to surprise everyone with a trick that is out of the ordinary? Here's the latest fad involving make-up! Make-up artists have come up with the idea…

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