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17 famous actors prove how a beard can significantly change a man's appearance

When we talk about beards and ask "better with or without?", there are people who have no doubt about it and who would answer the question in a second. Beards on men are either loved or hated, but the…

Twenty-two year old has her lips augmented in an extreme way, but wants them even bigger: on social networks they call her "Barbie"

Nowadays it almost seems that some people want to go beyond the limits at all costs, not caring about how dangerous or unhealthy some choices can be for their health. The desire to noticed and be relentlessly…

Hair from another world: 16 strange hairstyles that made us re-evaluate our look

We all like to be noticed by people; whether it's a narcissistic reaction or not, having the spotlight is on us, unless we don't want it, always makes us happy. And what's better than a flashy and absolutely…

Each to his own taste: but these 15 fashion finds that have left us rather perplexed

Not everyone shares the same ideas of fashion and elegance. Maybe we don't pay too much attention to it, but some people feel the need to dress or wear accessories that might seem too extravagant and…

17 men who have decided to show the world their "spectacular manes"

And who said that women must have long flowing hair and men must go around with clean and very short haircuts? Of course, the fashion of the past decades has in a certain sense accustomed us to this difference…

Now dark circles are in fashion: the new trend is to draw them with lipstick

How many times have we turned to our trusted beautician or have we resorted to face skin creams to hide our imperfections? We have all done it at least once in our life, convinced that hiding would be…

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