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Children grow up happier with grandparents by their side

Having grandparents living nearby has always been a source of great social wealth. Today, more than ever, both for children and for their parents, grandparents are precious because, in addition to the…

His 2 sons use mobile phones during dinner: the father's reaction is hilarious!

For a teenager taking his eyes from his mobile phone is really difficult, as much as it is for an adult having to deal with the constant distraction of a child. This nice scene takes us precisely in a…

In 1997, the first surviving set of septuplets were born and after 20 years the family is more united than ever

Even today a twin pregnancy (or multi-neonatal) is generally considered at risk, imagine, twenty years ago, what expectations, a couple had when they were told that the mother-to-be was expecting not…

An illustrator uses funny cartoons to show the reality of what it means to become a mom

Becoming a mom is the beginning of an adventure where there is no looking back, when you can feel alone and misunderstood, where you learn to reorganize all of your priorities, and when necessary, to…

Her son behaves badly at home and her letter to him is read by thousands of people

Adolescence arrives, and children start to feel "grown" and to compete with their parents. This dynamic is rather widespread and often experienced as one of the most difficult phases of parenting. Moreover,…

A 98-year-old mother moved to a nursing home to look after her 80-year-old son

If you think that being a parent is a job that ends suddenly when a child turns eighteen, then this story will show you that is far from the truth!  In fact, Ada Keating is a lovely 89-year-old grandmother…

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