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His 2 sons use mobile phones during dinner: the father's reaction is hilarious!

For a teenager taking his eyes from his mobile phone is really difficult, as much as it is for an adult having to deal with the constant distraction of a child. This nice scene takes us precisely in a…

An old man finds himself alone on Christmas, but what he does shortly after will make you cry

The German supermarket chain EDEKA has focused on an emotional ad to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The protagonist is an old man whose family is scattered around the world. Every one of his children…

A family gets ready in the living room: as soon as the music starts... watch this !

This friendly family always waits Christmas to give to family and friends a very special treat. All the components of the family are in fact used to perform in a funny and very addictive dance. This year,…

The mother leaves the baby at home ... When dad sends her this dubsmashed video, she is SPEECHLESS!

This new dad has found a cool way to keep mom up-to-date in regards to their growing baby boy over the period of one year! Yes, for a full year, this zealous father, every day, while his wife was at work,…

Mom and dad are kissing: but there's a jealous baby in the middle !

When it comes to his mother, this child is very jealous! As soon as dad gives her a kiss in fact, the child is quick to imitate him with a funny and confused look. In the end, however, his love for Daddy…

A blind mother goes for an ultrasound: what the doctor does will make her cry... !

Unfortunately, there are some experiences that blind people can't live. This blind mom for example could only live the moment of the ultrasound through the words of the doctor and she would have know…

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