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Mother-in-law discovers during the engagement party that her prospective daughter-in-law is the daughter she had once lost

The story we are about to tell you is not only the result of one of the many and incredible coincidences of life, but you could write an moving novel, or a compelling and bizarre film. This strange event…

She is 84 years old and over her life she has adopted 9 children: the story of a woman born to give maternal love

Having the opportunity to adopt is not only a blessing from heaven but also a combination of working through the bureaucracy and a bit of luck, it's also choice, vocation, personal faith, desire that…

Mom sees her son's damaged hands and is moved: he works in the workshop to help the family

Being the parents of one or more children is not a  walk in the park at all; you bring them into the world, raise them, educate them, ensure that every day they have bread and water to feed themselves,…

Four sisters are pregnant at the same time and will give birth to their children within a few months of each other

Would you ever believe that pregnancy can be "contagious"? No, we are certainly not referring to some form of virus, but how often does it happen, that if a woman becomes pregnant, there is a good chance…

A great-grandfather accompanies his granddaughter to her first day of school: the tender photo that went around the world

What would grandparents do for their grandchildren? Really just about anything. They are the light of their lives, they are the fruit of the love of their children, and they are the legacy of a family…

Two brothers refuse to invite their father to their mom's funeral after discovering that he had been cheating on her for years

When we are young, we all have a romantic idea of our parents: they seem to us to be a couple that have more the features of a single and inseparable entity, who will always and in any case love each…

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