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Three actions of parents that end up destroying the self-esteem of their children

There are no manuals or universal rules that teach us how to become good parents. However, there are some precautions that would be good to follow in order to raise autonomous individuals who, above all,…

I am a "bad" mother who says "No" a lot, establishes rules, and demands help with the household chores!

How many times, looking back at the way we were raised by our parents, have we promised ourselves not to behave in the same way with our own children?  In fact, most frequently, those who grew up with…

Children grow up happier with grandparents by their side

Having grandparents living nearby has always been a source of great social wealth. Today, more than ever, both for children and for their parents, grandparents are precious because, in addition to the…

How to best manage children's whims and outbursts according to the Montessori method

The management of a child's anger and outbursts often puts parents in difficulty as they constantly ask themselves how and if to intervene. One of the most authoritative aids on the subject comes from…

"Keep your strange kids away from ours!" Here is the dreadful experience lived by the mother of two autistic children

"Keep your strange kids away from ours!" - These were the words spoken to a mother in the United Kingdom, regarding her two autistic children.  What was she guilty of doing? She had brought her two…

Our relationship with our cousins is a precious asset that no child should ever give up

Gardens to explore, worlds to conquer, smiles and understanding looks and these are just a few of the many adventures shared with our cousins.  This is because cousins ​​are among the first and best…

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