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"I argued with my mother-in-law because she wants to be paid to look my child, but I disagree: am I wrong?"

Raising a child can be quite complicated at times. Despite deciding to bring a little one into the world, it is not easy to cope with the changes that occur in everyday life and that disrupt the day.…

Little girl is accompanied by her uncle to the father-daughter school dance, in the absence of her father: the video charms everyone

The father - daughter relationship is certainly a special one. It is regarded as so important, in fact, that there is a school dance dedicated to this relationship in the United States. But like all events…

This mother takes care of 37 children and describes her daily routine: "My day starts at 4am in the morning"

Being a parent can take a lot of time from all the other chores you have to do that don't involve looking after your child, but it is certainly a great thrill to be able to raise another living being.…

Mother gets her 18-year-old daughter to sign a lease: "If she wants to stay and live with me, she has to pay $ 100 rent a month."

Every parent believes they have a valid set of golden rules for raising their children and, although many of these rules are shared by everyone, many other rules imposed by some parents spark a lot of…

Couple adopts 7 siblings who were separated for years: "it took a while, but in the end they all came home with us"

A couple from North Texas (USA) adopted seven Filipino siblings who had been separated from each other for more than two years. Chris and Jessica Milam, of Denton County, decided to adopt and raise two…

Mother asks his sister to babysit her children: she responds by proposing an hourly rate

Taking care of children is a big responsibility and many parents struggle to find a good and reliable babysitter. For this reason parents often prefer to entrust their little ones to those people they…

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