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Here are 6 good reasons to cut off all toxic family relationships and live peacefully!

The family is usually our refuge, our safe haven where we hope to always find comfort and understanding. Whether it be our family by blood or family by choice, what we expect is always unconditional love,…

This psychologist has translated certain behaviors of children into a language understandable to parents

The lack of communication between parents and children is a constant for every new generation. However, there is a specific period of life in which young children do not yet possess the proper tools to…

"A good wife does not contradict her husband". These photos show us how the roles of both women and men have changed over the years.

Anthropology studies human beings in various ways, including that of cultural evolution and their behavior within society. However, to do that we do not need to study a primitive tribe, actually, it is…

An athlete donates his medal to his mother to thank her: "My father abandoned me, but my mom - NEVER!"

The love one feels for their mother is truly an incomparable feeling! Our mother is the one who raised us and put all her efforts into making us a better person. José Alejandro Barrondo is a young man…

If your child articulates these 10 statements, it means that you are excellent parents

Those who have children know this well - parenting a child is not easy - and it is possible to truly realize this only when you have your own children and as parents, you have to try to raise them. No…

The ideal family does not have to be perfect but it must be united

The family is the place where we feel protected, loved, and pampered by those who really love us. Of course, no human being is perfect, just as no family can be considered as such, but the important thing…

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