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Video Fail

The Worst Karate Demonstration

In this karate gym seems like the Master should review the basics a little bit.
Fail Sport

The best day of her life...maybe not!

How to ruin a wedding in a few simple "steps" !

A man tries to film squirrel, but didn't expect this to HAPPEN!

When this man decided to put the camera on the ground to film a squirrel, he probably thought it was a great idea. Naively, however, did not deal with the skills of a small rodent who without hesitation…
Animals Fail Funny

Jumping in the ice pool !

Here what happens when you get the brilliant idea to jump into an ice pool...
Curious Cute Fail Jumps

He cuts off part of the tree...but what happens next is AMAZING !!

This tree does not want to become firewood: while it's being cut it simply returns to its place. Although the explanation is obviously in the force of gravity, the impression is that the trunk moved due…

Dogs can DREAM and this video proves it !

Dreaming snoring and moving while sleeping are not exclusive characteristics of men: this cute compilation is proof of it.
Animals Dogs Fail Funny

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