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See This 75-Year-Old Man Working Out! INCREDIBLE!

We are all in search of the elixir of beauty and health, but we also all know that does not exist! Or shall we say, that there is no miraculous drink to keep us forever without wrinkles and white hair,…

Are People Who Have Alzheimer's Aware Of This Fact?

This woman's father has Alzheimer's and for 16 months she has been taking care of him 24/7. She has joined an online support group and it was a member of this group who asked her to check to see if her…

Listen To This Man Who Is 81-years YOUNG Play This Guitar! Oh, Yeah!

Bob Wood is 80 years old and he had dropped into the British Audio guitar store in Nashville just to get an amplifier repaired. To pass the time while waiting, he asked if he could play a few chords on…

"Life Is Too Serious To Be Taken Seriously! Never Stop Playing!"

According to many elderly people, who know how to face old age with grace and dignity, the secret is only one! Always keep the child within us alive! In fact, we become adults so that we can learn to…

See Why This Nursing Home Has Become So Popular! :)

Unfortunately, in our collective imagination, a nursing home is not a place of joy and usually, a sense of melancholy prevails among those who are housed there. But who said that there is no way to make…

What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander! :))

You never know what can happen when a street artist begins performing while riding in a subway car. In fact, in Madrid, a group of girls stole the show from a young male singer and the scenario that…
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