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What Do You Get When You Mix The Past And The Present? NOW! :)

The presence of grandparents in a child's life is something special. They play a crucial role, as a guide, but at the same time as accomplices like a parent can never be! Grandparents are loving and…

Granny Vs Toddler --- A Funny Multiple Task Challenge!

Tons of strange things can be found on the Internet but this is definitely one of the most peculiar!  A challenge, which at the end of the competition, we understand was never a real challenge?! In…

Johanna Quaas Proves You Are Only As Old As You Feel! :)

She is almost one hundred years, but only on her ID card! In fact, Johanna Quaas is a gymnast who still leaves everyone who sees her performances completely astonished!  Not only for her consummate skill,…

After 70 Years Of Marriage, He Still Calls Her Sweetheart!

Paul and Imogen married on 15 June 1947, after two years of engagement "imposed" by her. Now, the married couple has arrived at their 70th wedding anniversary (which, by the way, coincides with Paul's…

A Watermelon Chicken Recipe Like You Have NEVER Seen Before!

She is undoubtedly the oldest YouTuber of them all! Her name is Mastanamma, she is 106 years, and as is fashionable of late, she manages a YouTube channel dedicated to cooking. Unlike the thousands of…

This Elderly Chinese Man Has Amazing Coordination And Flexibility!

After a slow start, the music begins and the girl and the elderly Chinese man launch into a coordinated dance that definitely makes an impression! The dance movements seem to be those of the current hip…

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