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A Deaf Grandmother Teaches Deaf Grandbaby Sign Language!

The special relationship that grandparents are able to establish with their grandchildren is very deep and often goes beyond the dynamics of normal communication. With a hug, a smile or a glance, they…

A Beatbox Street Artist In Brussels Inspires An Elderly Lady!

He is a street artist who had programmed an exhibition in a square in Brussels, and she appears to be a harmless elderly lady who was taking her dog for a walk. The street artist begins his performance…

Rock And Roll Will Never Grow Old! It Just Goes On And On And.....

If you think your lessons of Rock and Roll and Boogie-woogie are a waste of time you are mistaken! Just see what you will be able to do if you hang in there and keep practicing until ... Well, how old…

Celebrating Her 100th Birthday --- And Still Rockin' :)

Her name is Elisabeth Cockrell, the grandmother whose name has become well-known due to the video that was made at her 100th birthday anniversary party and then shared around the world via the Internet! …

See This 75-Year-Old Man Working Out! INCREDIBLE!

We are all in search of the elixir of beauty and health, but we also all know that does not exist! Or shall we say, that there is no miraculous drink to keep us forever without wrinkles and white hair,…

Are People Who Have Alzheimer's Aware Of This Fact?

This woman's father has Alzheimer's and for 16 months she has been taking care of him 24/7. She has joined an online support group and it was a member of this group who asked her to check to see if her…

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