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24 Incredible Shadows Formed Randomly That You Will Find Hard To Believe!

With the exception of Peter Pan, all things have a shadow. A shadow can become larger or smaller, or it can be distorted --- it all depends on the angle with which light strikes a solid body. Sometimes…

See What Cosmetics And Makeup Can Do! WoW!

How many girls, while looking at the models that glide down the fashion walkways and those who pose in photo shoots for publicity and advertising have said, "I will never be as beautiful!"  In addition…

A Photo Montage Or The Real Deal?!

Have you ever been looking at a person and have the impression of standing in front of a mirror? Think about it a moment, maybe on a bus, train, or subway, perhaps at a party, maybe at school ...  Sometimes…

18th-century Photo Technique Becomes Avant-garde!

Much of today's photographers try to make the best use of technology to enhance their photos, but Jacqueline Roberts swims decisively in counter-current when it comes to modern tendencies. Her photography…

Just Like Two Peas In A Pod!

How many times has someone said to you: "You look just like your dad", or some other family member? Although perhaps you may not see it, such an obvious similarity can really exist. In fact, genetics…

When A Person Has More Courage Than Common Sense ...

Science and biology have demonstrated that women live longer than men, and in fact, this is something that everyone can see with their own eyes. But it has not always been so! In fact, such a marked…

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