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Yoda, the first mini oil mill that is a home appliance!

In a world where much of our food supply is controlled by a small number of multinational companies, for budding start-ups, it is difficult to penetrate the market but at least there is no lack of ideas.…

Six exercises that quickly strengthen and tone your body!

Often when we exercise, we resort to a series of exercises that everyone knows, without ever thinking that there are other muscle areas that are more difficult to tone because they require targeted exercises.…

A homemade Calm Down Jar aka Glitter Jar!

The Calm Down Jar aka Glitter Jar is a relaxation tool that harks back to the educational methods of Maria Montessori, which has the power to calm children's minds but also to relax the nerves of stressed…
DIY Welfare

Purify your skin with this DIY blackhead remover!

Do you have a bad skin problem but you do not like to use skin products that are too aggressive? Then remember, that our grandmother's homemade remedies are always available to us.  To remove annoying…

Discover the miraculous effects of ginger and lemon detox water!

Stomach bloating often brings with it many unpleasant sensations, such as heartburn, reflux, gas, and other unpleasant consequences. Generally, these complications depend on what you eat and drink. Therefore,…

Discover surprising new ways to use Aloe Vera!

Aloe vera is used as a food, cosmetic, and for dermatological purposes ... Few plants are more versatile (and useful!) than aloe vera. This succulent plant that likes warm climates but if protected from…

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