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Video Wedding

Her boyfriend leaves her alone at the restaurant... shortly after she understand why. Wow!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to make the big move and propose, so it can be helpful to find an epic solution like what you see in this video. The boyfriend of this girl has organized…

The best day of her life...maybe not!

How to ruin a wedding in a few simple "steps" !

A bout of laughter during the wedding

In the most inopportune moment they couldn't hold back the laughter

The witness remains only with his underwear during the marriage

From that moment on, nobody is longer able to hold back the laughter, pratically impossible!

An exciting marriage proposal

Just before a basketball game cheerleaders are performing but for one of them there is a really spacial surprise...

An original wedding surprise

During the wedding of Chris and Leah O'Kane in Ireland, the priest organises an unforgettable surprise for everyone: he starts singing Hallelujah surprising and thrilling the guests but especially the…

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