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During the photo shoot, the groom throws himself into the water to save a child who was in danger of drowning

The wedding day should be one of the best days in a couple's life, especially since, in most cases, the newlyweds are lucky enough to marry "the love of their life". It's a day in which friends and family…

A couple are criticized for offering a different buffet depending on the wedding gift: "Spend more, eat better"

When a couple decide to get married it's clear that, in addition to the ceremony, they will have to think about the reception: where to do it, when and, above all, what to offer to the guests who have…

They get married on the dock of a lake and when the wedding rings are exchanged, the bride's ring falls into the water: the scene is surreal

A wedding celebration should be, for those who choose to get married, one of the most beautiful days to experience together with their partner and with all those who love them and who are part of their…

A student decides to marry a pensioner who is 51 years her senior: the family approve

Love is blind and knows no age, it's true, but we still can't help but be perplexed when we are faced with relationships between two partners with an incredible age difference. We are not talking about…

A man finds an old woman's engagement ring thanks to the metal detector: it was stolen 33 years ago

Those who choose to practice a particular hobby such as that of metal detecting know well what is one of the greatest satisfactions for the seeker: finding precious objects and, more precisely, gold!…

A bride abandoned on the altar consoles herself by marrying one of the guests

When you decide to marry your partner, you hope it will be a well-considered decision and equally desired by both, in the belief that they can continue a long-term relationship. Still, we hear news of…

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