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Bride asks her brother-in-law not to bring his dog to her wedding: he ignores the request and is kicked out

Organizing the wedding of your dreams is a challenging, and at the same time, exciting endeavour: hopefully everything goes flawlessly, but you are also aware of all the stress that such an event entails,…

Couple both celebrate their centennial birthdays and 79 years of marriage: they break all records

Getting to blow out a hundred birthday candles is already a rare and very important milestone, but a couple from Ohio, in the United States, have broken multiple records at the same time. Hubert and June…

Man's wife had a stroke and is now disabled: "This was not the life I chose"

"I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.": this is the wording of the oath that those getting married in…

Bridesmaid has a scar on her face that she wants to cover up with make-up: the bride forbids her to do this

When you take on the responsibility of attending a wedding, you can expect to have to accept things that you are not exactly thrilled about doing. For example, bridesmaids are often forced to wear ugly…

Daughter refuses to invite her father's new wife to her wedding, so he refuses to pay for the reception

Family relationships can be stormy, especially if there is a divorce involved with a painful history that includes children. However, intense hatred, even many years after it manifested, really risks…

Young woman shows off her wedding dress which she purchased for less than 4 euros: it is identical to a more expensive model

Organizing your wedding is not easy and requires a lot of energy, starting with the choice of your wedding dress. It is normal to want to appear in great physical shape and with a dress that emphasizes this…

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