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She refused to go to her sister's wedding because it would cost her £800 a day

The wedding day turns out to be one of the most important days of their relationship for many couples, as well as of their life. Many women load their wedding day with meaning, imagining themselves as…

A granddaughter fulfills her 94-year-old grandmother's wish to be able to wear a wedding dress for the first time

There are many experiences that are closed to us during the course of our lifetime. Sometimes, it's not our fault or our bad judgment - simply, the conditions never arrive to make that dream come true!…

Doctors said she wouldn't be walking or have children: on her wedding day she is 4 months pregnant and walks up the aisle

Do you believe in miracles? Brittney Bedwell, a young woman of 26, had been in such a terrible car accident that the doctors, after months, told her that she would never walk again and, as if that were…

A 26 year old woman is criticized for having an affair with an older man: "Is that your father or your grandfather?"

When it comes to love, there are no obstacles that can stop or jeopardize a relationship - do you agree? There are many cases in which the age difference between partners seems to be an insurmountable…
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They want to get married a second time, after the husband completes his transition from man to woman

A true love is the one which lasts forever, do you agree? The couple in this story seems to fit this definition well: Jae and her boyfriend, Jake, met through the famous, and now obsolete, social network…

He wants to give a share of the lottery win to his ex-wife, but his current girlfriend threatens to leave him

How many times have you wondered if you are making the right choice? Usually, we have trusted people we can turn to for advice, but just as often we feel we need an outside opinion. This is a bit of the…

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